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Hi folks

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    Hi folks

    I have been a Cossacks fan since its release in 2001, however because of recent events and problems myself, like many other members of their community have become disillusioned with the whole thing. Thank heavens for Imperial Glory!

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    Welcome to the forums templar knight. Your the first Cossacks fan to come over.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    But he's not the first cossacks fan to come here, there are a couple of others around here somewhere. There's also me, but my liason with cossacks died almost as soon as I'd bought the damn thing.

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    glad to have you aboard templar, rocket artic_wolf is right i bought cossacks too but the single player was horrible(every ai attack was scripted), i enjoyed the mp though(i only played on an LAN with my friends so we didnt have too worry about cheating).

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    I'm going to buy Cossacks2 as well!

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    when is cossacks 2 coming out? i think im going to have to buy that too.

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    it is due out sometime in April 2005