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Sountrack listing

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    Sountrack listing

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could give me the complete Shellshock Nam'67 soundtrack list because i really wanna download some of those songs especially the main menu song if you know all the songs or just the main menu song could you post them up?? Thanks guys

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    They are listed in the final credits. Towards the bottom... after you go into epileptic shock from watching all the names scroll by. Not sure if the only way to see them is to finish the game or not, but that's where I saw them.

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    I looked there. YOu can get to the credits through the main menu. The songs are listed at the end of the scrolling credits, and if you can read and write reall fast, you might be able to get them all down... Good luck!!

    The theme song, Who Do You Love, I thought was a Rolling Stone's song, but when I did a surch at, I got well over 200 hitts. George Thorogood does a great cover of the song though.

    If anyone getts a list of all the song tittles and aritest, it would be interesting to see it posted here

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    if u look in the instruction manual in the credits the songs are there, just like most games. gives u all the time u need to write it down then