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Issues and Questions

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    I pre-ordered and did not get my stylus either. Tried contacting gamestop but they said to contact SE. The suppor pages don't have an e-mail to contact them.

    Where can i get a hold of SE so I can perhaps get my stylus?

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    Beyond song unlockings and the Chaos battle at 10k, are the Rhythmia rewards at all static? I assume not, as there are no lists anywhere I can find online and due to the nature of crystal shards, I guess it wouldn't work. Is there any way to determine though what we receive at each 500 mark?

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    Everything will always be the same unless you're supposed to get a shard drop and you already have all 8 of a shard, then you get a random item. If you go to antitype's guide on GameFAQs ( and ctrl+F "xmusicpl" without the quotes it will bring you to the top of the first of four lists of rm rewards in a row. I don't think he logged the general items you get, though.

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    Ah, thank you! I didn't see exactly what I was looking for in the table of contents, so I didn't think to look through the individual unlockable sections. Duhhr.

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    Did anyone have any luck getting in contact with SE regarding this?

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    I can't register my serial to the nintendo club.

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    Theatrhythm doesn't qualify for Nintendo Club Points. If it did, there would be a seperate Club Nintendo points card to use. The S-E Members serial number won't work any where but here on this S-E site.

    I'm not sure how it's decided which games qualify for Nintendo Club, though....KH:3D had one, so meh *shrugs*

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    I didn`t get the stylus, but i love the game in the end.

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    thank you, that shed some light.

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    Played just earlier today, but now the game isn't working on my 3DS. Ever since I switched the game out, it just hasn't been working.... Help?

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    In what way is it not working?

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    It just dosen't play, and the game heats up everytime I put it in the 3DS now

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    Its there anyway I can backup the iOS game data, does anyone know?

    I purchased FFVIII bundle and i only receive 3 songs instead of 4 songs. I tired restore purchase, but no luck. Tried Download bought button, it ask me to confirm your in-app purchase again for 2.99. So i was thinking to backup the game data and redownload the app and restore the purchase.

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    Hi Kevin, I'm not sure if you've solved this already. I had the same problem but with the FFVII bundle. I tapped restore, confirmed my ID, then tapped download. It did ask me to confirm my purchase for £1.99 but as soon as I tapped ok, it told me that I had already purchased it and that I just need to tap ok again for it to re download the bundle. Now I've got all the songs and I didn't have to repurchase

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    Does anyone have all the songs/characters downloaded for the ios version? And if so how much space does it take up? Because I only have 43 songs/4 characters downloaded and it takes up 900mb already.

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    Guys, I love this game, but can we please please pleeeeeease have an update to the iOS version to add some kind of lag adjustment? Depending on what device you're playing on, the touch screen can have a varying amount of input lag. On my iPad Mini, I think it's somewhere around 50-100 milliseconds, and it's noticeable even on the lower difficulty charts that scroll slower. It's extremely noticeable when playing the ultimate difficulty charts.

    And before you go "Oh your timing must just suck", no it doesn't. Trust me, I play these games a LOT. I have the 3DS version on my 3DS XL and that touch screen has basically zero input lag with the stylus. I ace the ultimate difficulty charts all the time with no problem there. There is definitely a noticeable input lag on the touch screen on my iPad Mini. I can see this just by pressing buttons and app icons, or dragging an icon around quickly.

    This must be a simple feature to add to the options menu, and it would make a big difference to the iOS version. Please add it!

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    Unable to Register Product

    Is this not an available option anymore? I click to add a new game to my account and the two options of serial codes to enter are nothing like the one that is on the leaflet that came with the game?!


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    Concerning the game registration system, see this thread.

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    Any chance we can get the "Restore" button to actually download all of the things we have already purchased? So many other iOS games have this feature whereas here, every time that I have to reload the game, update the game, etc. I then have to waste 30-45 mins manually downloading everything that I have (and that's not everything available either). It would be far easier to start downloading all my dlc with restore and then walk away from my tablet for the download time. Thanks for any consideration you give this.
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    Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call Dlc function not showing up!

    Hello I followed the manual on how to get to the dlc for this game. I purchased the collectors edition from the square enix shop and for some reason the dlc tab will not show up! Please help!

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    Contact customer support.

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    Originally Posted by ruykin
    Hello I followed the manual on how to get to the dlc for this game. I purchased the collectors edition from the square enix shop and for some reason the dlc tab will not show up! Please help!
    The ability to purchase DLC doesn't unlock until you've played the game for a bit.

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