Thread: Crashing problem with Thief: Deadly Shadows

Crashing problem with Thief: Deadly Shadows

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    Crashing problem with Thief: Deadly Shadows

    Well, my crashing problem when going through the portal to Stonemarket Plaza isn't solved yet. And probably never will be. I think I've bought my last Eidos game and first and last Ion Storm game. I called up Eidos Tech Support. The guy says to move the saved game file folder onto the desktop. Did that. Uninstalled the game and deleted any trace that it was ever on my computer except for the saved game files. Did that. Reinstalled the game. Did that. Moved the saved game files back to their original location. Did that. Started up game and loaded saved game. Did that. Deleted the saved game and saved it again. Did that. ATTEMPTED to go through the portal from South Quarter to Stonemarket Plaza. Did that. Game crashes to the desktop once Stonemarket Plaza is 3/4 loaded. Did that. Just like did before. What a surprise!?! Yes, yes. This is the last Eidos game I will ever waste my money on. And the first and last Ion Storm game I will even think about wasting my money on. So, what do I do with the $30.00 pieces of plastic that I'm thinking of using as clay pigeons?

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    Apparently you have a corrupted file in the saves. It could be the index or config.

    Go here:

    and pick the save nearest your crash.

    If you have the game uninstalled, then go here: and at the bottom left in FREEWARE, get the REGSEEKER.

    Run that to clean out all old registry files. Then reinstall the game, pickup a save from TWISTED that is nearest your crash. put it in the SAVES folder and play on.

    For some reason, corrupted saves do show up once in a while. While the incidence is rare (per capita) it does occur. I have not had the problem in the weeks and hundreds of hours I have played through, but it do happen.

    Good luck

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    There is one non-save file that will survive an uninstall/reinstall. That is the user's options.ini file in the savegames folders. It contains mostly the key bindings from TitleMenu->Options->Inputs. Perhaps make sure this file is removed while the game is uninstalled.

    There is also the saveindex.ion file in the savegames folder that can be erased any time and will be rebuilt from/for the existing saves when you start the game up.

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    Thanks Old Codger, I did not know the Index would rebuild itself.

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    NP, tBm (older than me, btw folks, physically anyway, probably younger at heart.) Mostly the results of my fiddling around trying to rename the savegames stuff to something more meaningful to me. The information given is mostly available via Windows and I have several styles in progress at any time and the date stamp doesn't reflect the position in the game. Plus saves from forging ahead to predetermine things. So far I'm still in the position I was with TG/2 having to move the entire savegames folders to other locations and when I want to play them saving the current saves somewhere else and moving what I want back. The index seems to rebuild itself. I can access all the saves I'm expecting when I do this, anyway. Enjoy.