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Thread: Tomb Raider Multiplayer?

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    Question Tomb Raider Multiplayer?

    Does it exist any multiplayer for any of the Tomb Raider games?

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    Tomb Raider multiplayer doesn't currently exist... But it CAN. For a game as easy to "tap" into as TR, an external multiplayer program can be made, infact this can be done for almost any game, I've thought about doing it myself, but if you want it done right, check these "famous" guys out

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    Looks interesting, but that is NOT how I would want to play a multi-layer TR. I would want co-operative LAN gaming, if anything, sorta like Baldur's Gate.

    If we take the first games as an example, one player is Lara Croft, and another can be one of many other new characters that a person can create at the beginning of the game.

    Or if we take AOD for an example, one player is Lara Croft, and another can be one of a host of other characters, Kutis Trent included. All with special, different abilities.

    Or a remake of the movies, again, one player goes in as LC, and another can be Bryce or Hillary or whoever.

    All the above would have the same goals, get the same experience and benefit from one another's strengths in a good old fashioned Tomb-crawl fighting baddies left and right.

    Hey, I'd buy that game.

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    I'd like to see Indy as a secondary character, his trademark whip as his main weapon would be cool.

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    TR is DEFINETELY a multi player game! At least if you count playing together with someone else, one person playing, and the other in the "back seat" coaching! I've played it like that many times!

    And Catsuit, lets pray they make a game like that and I'll come to Germany and fire a couple of rounds with you!
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    I was being technical!!!

    Back seat coaching is definitely the best way to enjoy Tomb Raider!!!
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    online multiplayer

    This would be awsome to play TR online with my best buddys from anywere in the world. and to have a spectate option :O this game is truly amazing. Please I hope we can get this type of online multiplayer figured out in this forum. Thankyou guys

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    Wow, some familiar names are back! Oh wait, it's just a topic resurrected from 2004.

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    Well TRL has a feature on PSP to play with 2 players... I don't know how that works, but that is what is says on the back!

    Edit: Just realized this was a topic from 3 years ago... rofl

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    We seem to get alot of this lately. Perhaps the forum should automatically close threads if there are no posts for a period of time.

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