Thread: help in target burma

help in target burma

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    help in target burma

    hey I almost done in target burma I got the plan how to escape after radio but I don't know what is objective "eliminate the tyrant" my english is too bad and I don't know what to do bulls eye shows aarrow near the gates to the buda's statue plz help

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    To get an idea of what happens at the end of the mission when the tyrant and his men come in do a "save" and watch what they do. Hide far enough away and just see how and where they move. One thing you will see is the tyrant going to the statue to pray. That's the arrow on the briefing map.

    When you are ready to try to finish the mission you should save, as noted, and then try different ways to kill all the japanese. It will take some time before you find just the right way to eliminate all of them without getting any commandos or the Llama killed.