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Favorite Characters

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    Who are your favorite characters?


    VPL - Kashell, Lawfer, Jun

    VPS - Dallas

    VP Covenant of the Emo Plume - Ancel, Mireille, Mischka

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    oooo, ooo, I got this...

    Lieselotte! I liked her a lot.

    um... there where others... why can't I remember... I've played them all recently too...

    outside of the more obsolete characters, I really like Silmeria more than the other Valkyries. And Lezard takes the cake for best villain. Rufus and Mystina are pretty cool too.

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    Among the Einherjar:

    <ul>[*]In VP1: Belenus (moved by his story), Shiho (same), Jayle (women need to hide in our world), Kashell (loved the story with his friends), Mystina (she's got character), Jun (his poor sister)[*][*]In VP2 [didn't get all of them]: Roland (my favorite swordsman), Sylphide (same), Millidia (archer) [too bad Einherjars' stories aren't developed here][*][*]Others: Rufus, Roussalier[*][*]Personal crush in the Valkyrie Profilie series: Lezard Valeth He just made me play VP2.[/list]

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    VPL - Lezard, Lucian, Lenneth, Brahms

    VPS - All the valkyries and Brahms

    Overpowered picks