Thread: Tank fire emergency!

Tank fire emergency!

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    Tank fire emergency!

    ok ok i know this is a very n00bish question but in on the last level, i can get my driver into the tank, but for the life of me i cant find the fire button, i would lok in teh manual but mine didnt come with one so please help, hurry

    man that makes me sound new

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    That is another of the things not explained by the manual. You must happily stumble upon it. You must get Inferno in the tank also. To make the tank fire select Inferno and CTRL + LMB to click on where you want to fire. Now after the 1st shot you just select Driver as you move around and CTRL + LMB to continue shooting.

    You don't need to wait for the turret to slowly move to the place where you aimed- like 90 degrees to side- with the mouse button either. If you move the whole tank the gun will remember where you aimed and fire as soon as it has been moved into line with the target by moving the tank.

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    Ah you have to get inferno in, i was using driver thanks anyway

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    Yes both Inferno and Driver must be in the tank. After the 1st shot the control of driving and shooting is smoother as you don't have to select Inferno for each subsequent shot.

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    well ive completed commandos 2 now!! YAY=)