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Thread: Myst IV: Revelation

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    Exclamation Myst IV: Revelation

    Anyone else get the new Myst game yet?

    It is so beautiful...

    ...I think I'm going to cry.

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    I never liked Myst games but i had a demo for Myst 4 in this one CD.... never installed it

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    Okay, I've been played it for a little longer now and it's totally blowing my mind. Even if you're not big on adventure games, this one is worth getting just to witness the graphics. I'm running it on 1024x768 on a 15.4" widescreen laptop and the graphics are putting Doom3 to shame. Also, the detail is incredible! Right down to the different sounds every object makes when you tap it, the waves of heat from stoves, and the movements of leaves on the trees blowing in the wind. When you move an object, you actually click and drag it, even when flipping pages in books and opening drawers. The lighting and music (by Peter Gabriel) are also fantastic as well.

    Here, I took some screen shots for you guys because it's breathtaking (clicky for full size):

    Well, I know what I'm doing all night

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    Looks great. I may have to get this game. I have the original game and always admired the tranquillity of the graphics in that.

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    The interior is fantastic! When I saw the kitchen and the study, my immediate thought was: "When can I move in?"

    Looks great!

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    Always been curious about the Myst games...may give this one a try as something different.

    (Music by Peter Gabriel is an added incentive for me!)

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    I adore(d) MYST 3:Exile. When I went back to play MYST and Riven they didn't quite compare for me, as I'd been so blown away by the Exile environments. I wasn't too sure when they bought out Uru, but I played the Revelation demo the other week (which was far too short), and it looks like something else for my xmas list

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