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Thread: shellshock lost

shellshock lost

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    Oct 2004

    Rolleyes shellshock lost

    after buying shellshock nam 67 I sent the disk in 4 weeks ago to be exchanged for a cd-rom . WELL guess what I still don't have my disk and the company doesn't answer my e-mails or phone calls. I even called the corp. office and got nowhere. I even e-mailed the world headquarters in England and guess what NOTHING.

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    Angry topics won't help your situation, you are talking to an arm when you should be talking to the head.

    These forums are not monitored by customer support, and that's where you need to be focusing your attention. I hope your difficulties will be resolved as quickly as possible, but here is not the place to vent it.

    I hope you understand.

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    Posted to the wrong forum. This is the Shellshock general discussion forum.

    Please see this thread for more information.