Thread: Shellshock Hints, Help, and cheats!

Shellshock Hints, Help, and cheats!

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    Exclamation Shellshock Hints, Help, and cheats!

    Yo, if anyone needs any help for any missions, hints, tips, cheats, or anything, just send me a private message or post in this thread, and ill send what ya need!

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    *WARNING* I only have hints, tips, and cheats for PS2 version ONLY!!! that name again is PS2 version ONLY!!!

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    Oh dude on the Xbox version how do i get past that one part??

    j/m dawg!

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    Dont mess with me, i might go "psycho" on ya! lol

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    Question how do I get to enter cheats to work??/

    well sgt. where and how do I get to enter the cheats in the main menu??? I have searched the key commands and come up with NILL .. Not bookoo dinkie dow.. any help ya can give will be better than me trying to find out how to get the command promp window to show up afetr a 4 day search of all the key configs. come on amn I been there and done that 65 to 67 thru LERPS air cav 1st of the 9th..ahnkee...PLEASE. rsvp asap thanks again

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    Gasp ... not the 1st Cav! Geronimo, bro ... Airborne all the way.

    [i]Take point troop and don't get yourself waxed to the max. Geronimo.[i/] -- d2

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    How to disarm traps

    I will attempt to simplify this.

    Here is a trap map.

    It is a bit confusing at first look as to which arrows are supposed to be done first. Your starting point is the red X and your ending point is the check mark. First of all you are to follow the sequence of arrows from begining to end. The arrows are represented by grey dashes with a red tip. The red tip represents the tip of the arrow and the direction it is pointing.

    This sequence would be:

    If you miss ONCE you will have to start over.
    If you make a mistake the screen will flash and you will have to start from the begining wil the clock still tics.
    I have managed to finish after a mistake but only because the mistake was early. The speed rhythm that this needs to be done is similar to inputing a cheat code. The hardest part is deciphering the 'trap map'. After a few tries you should get the hang of it and perhaps even look forward to the next one.

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    whoa....thats really hard to read