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Ever wondered... ?

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    Cool Ever wondered... ?

    Have you ever wondered what rifles the Allies use in C2? Well...

    On either one of the missions with allies at your disposal, throw a grenade at one that is carrying the rifle..

    As the manual implies, its a Lee-Enfield rifle. However, there are a few quirks.

    The rifle fires far too fast to be an Enfield. Enfield fires as fast as a K-98, the german rifle, because of the empty shell in the chamber that needs to be ejected. Also known as a bolt-action rifle.

    The soldiers are not dressed as British soldiers, who wore different set of clothing. They look a lot more like american soldiers.

    Thus, in my opinion, i believe the rifle is indeed a Garand.

    Here is a picture of the rifle in-game

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    Well yes, we know all the bolt action rifles fire too fast in the game. The Allied soldiers all speak English with American accents so we must figure they are.

    Since I changed the rifles to unlimited ammo for lots of shooting fun I rationalize that they are Garands too.

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    Twitch 1 says:

    I rationalize that they are Garands too.

    I say:

    Well wouldnt it be great if you could have the grenade launcher thing on the end of the rifle just like the real Garand rifle.

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    That would be changing physics of the rifle, kinda hard without the full source code.

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    I dont really know exactly what source code is but can you not extract it from the actual game?
    I dont think that Eidos would willingly give away the source code for free or sell it but the garand rifle with the grenade launcher can be seen in the film saving private ryan & also inthe game Enemy Territory which i downloaded free the other day.Maybe Eidos will add it into C4?

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    Kultim, youre changing the whole friggit topic.

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    Im sorry if it appears that way but i was still talking about the rifle which is what the topic was about.Besides any topic is nice these days because these forums seem a bit dead these days.