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Thread: Game cinematics problems?

Game cinematics problems?

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    Game cinematics problems?

    The game itself plays and runs beautifully, but the cutscenes are so choppy that they have to be skipped. It a rather large drag to miss out on the bits that are supposed to set up the story. Any fix for this?

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    do you have it for pc or a console?

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    Oh, it's pc.

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    no wonder

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    yeah everyone is complainin about the pc version but no one has complained about the consoles... actually from what i hear it plays very well on consoles/

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    Hah... It's quite funny actually, I had the exact same problem with Deus Ex Invisible war, the game played very smooth, but the cutscenes were unwatchable. Wot's the deal, eidos?

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    do you have x-box or ps2?

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    I've got both, but I find it ridiculous that a title would be better on a console. I mean look at Mafia, that game were top notch, but on Xbox it was crap.

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    alls i know is im gettin it for xbox all the way man cuz my ps2 is FUBAR it says "disc read error" for all the new games i bought for it...i dunno...weird stuff

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    It's rather amusing, I think this game will need an immediate patch for pc users.

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    thats why i kinda wish i could have it on PC though...because of all the Patches and Mods people make...*sigh* oh well

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    yeah id try to return the pc game for an X-box game cause i guess the pc controls suck and the graphics are better on conosoles according to

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    One other thing that is total wank about this game is that there is no support for a usb controller. You have to use the mouse/keyboard. What sense does that make? If any game should have the ability to use a controller it would be 3rd person shooter. Right?
    Although, as stated before the game has definitely delivered on everything I wanted, except for the opportunity to drop acid, and use more rlevant drugs to the stuation.

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    what gun do you use in the first level?

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    In the first level, you have 3 choices. Those being, a full auto gun called a "greaser", a .45 colt, and grenades, if I remember correctly. But during the first level, you really are thrown into the "*****", so yer basically just blasting away. I think I only hit one or two vc's. Also the LT. is a bit confusing.

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    cool thanks... i still have to wait 10 more days

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    dude like what just land in the Nam and start blastin...or are you juss chillin then you guys get attacked...or you get sent out on patrol an nuke some charlies...details man details!!

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    This game doesn't seem right....we weren't sent out into the s**t right when we got there. We had to wait almost a week before we got to our units.

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    As a new enlisted guy, the moment you land on the base, you're sent into battle. So, you're thrown right into it. It's very confusing. Any other questions?

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    what whould you give this game on a 1-10 scale, and give us details on...base camp, what can you all do?

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    I would give it a 7.

    - walk and look around
    - talk to (almost) everybody
    - there is a shooting range where yuo can select your gear for the next mission and try it out
    - there are pretty nurses you can go and watch in the hospital
    - you have to defend it in the last mission
    - you can get some boom boom l8er in the game from the vietnamese girls at basecamp.
    - depending on the nextmission, you can start it by entering the chopper or going through the main gate.

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    Do you just buy weapons or is the m16, m79, m14,grease gun, and flamethrower already available from the weapon selection. Would the only weapons you have to buy be VC and NVA weapons..... And who do you fight more, vc or nva>

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    yeah, after level 1, are all the weapons avalible for you to choose at the range?

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    Originally posted by SgtSpecht1234
    yeah, after level 1, are all the weapons avalible for you to choose at the range?
    Nah the weapons are not all available from beginning. U get to pick up weapons during the missions (enemy's drop them, allies drop them too)

    Favourite weapon is the beast that holds 1000 rounds.. love that gun, just reminds me of that bit in predator where the guy has the minigun and levels an area of the jungle *evil laugh*

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    what about the m16? and M79?

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