Thread: the green beret seripped to the waist in c2

the green beret seripped to the waist in c2

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    the green beret seripped to the waist in c2

    i have moded the green beret's abi file, and published the screenshots on c2 forum of and the shots and abi file in,
    you can download it from
    un-rar it and copy to c2 installed folder\data\anims\abi
    in the c2 forum of, a netter called c_o_m_a_n_d_o_s saild when the green beret leans against a wall, the beret will put on the waistcoat again, perhaps i have not mod the other BMPs in the abi file.

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    What software are you using to accomplish this?

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    UltraEdit32 my friend.

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    i know this guy. He posts on some Chinese Commandos forums too.

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    I've had UltraEdit since like 1993 in Windows 3.1. Quite useful. Yeah, its a hex editor not a graphics or image manipulation program. Much of invox's mods are just for the fun of it but if it is possible to change and/or move the map objects that could be useful.

    Note in some of invox's other thread's screenshots he has Asian language Windows version. I went to the Chinese site and could find nothing that I could do.

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    do u know?

    faqy has already developed a method of using photoshop and ultraedit to mod the pictures easily.
    i am busying in moding the map of c2, no time to write a tool to mod the pictures. perhaps some days later.
    allovetoyou(at tinghus forum), faqy(at c2 forum in and me all know the data structrue of the abi file, to mod the abi files is only a time problem.

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    impressive!!! GB looks like from cbel!

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    Well if you can somehow get C3 rain-effects into C2, that would be a great tale!