Thread: Do you want a Cloaked Mag Rail??

Do you want a Cloaked Mag Rail??

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    Do you want a Cloaked Mag Rail??

    You can get a Cloaked Mag Rail by killing an Elite Commando without letting him decloak upon death. His weapons stay cloaked on the ground, so you can pick them up and use them while they are cloaked, even if you are not cloaked. However, they decloak after you go through a load screen. This is a glitch in the game, and it doesn't happen every time. So you may need several tries to do it.

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    I thought the Mag Rail was a waste of time! For starters, it is poorly named. When I hear Mag Rail, I think magnetic rail.

    There have been, maybe still are, scientists and engineers developing a magnetic rail gun. It was designed to use electro magnetic forces to excelerate and launch capsules into orbit. From zero to 17,000 miles per hour in less than a quarter mile!

    So, when I hear "Mag Rail", and I hear "It can shoot through walls!" I think, 'Cool! an electro magnetic rail gun!' What I find instead is a high energy weapon, like a laser or an electron partical beam gun. Just another laser gun is what the Mag Rail turns out to be.

    It's too bulky, uses way too many resources, and for something that can "shoot through walls", it takes too many shots to kill enemies. Two or three shots on one of those military monster bots, I can understand. But a human should be blown to peices. Litterally, I should see arms and legs flying around and landing all over the place in a bloody mess!

    Mako did not deliver the goods when they developed that peice of crap for the Templars.

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    Only the secondary fire shoots through walls, and when it does it is a EMP beam. Not very useful for taking out humans, but when using the vision biomod to look through the walls at bots, cameras, and turrents, it comes in real handy.

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    I dissagree Planted Mole.

    I think that the mag rail has one purpose, to take out the armored templars. the most useful place is on Liberty Island, when you get to the bunker turn on the see thru walls mod and exclaim "My vision is augmented!" Then proceed to emp blast the armored templars. It's also useful in the old UNATCO ruins.

    The mag rail can be used against the Elite Commandos of the Illuminati.


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    Oh. Now why didn't I think of that!

    I always timed the camera sweep, then I would sneak around the corner or dash accross the room to get under the camera, then I would use multitools to disable them.

    I always used EMP granades to deal with the bots, and on cameras that were too far away to use the above mentioned technique.

    I didn't know that EMP granades could affect the armored Templar commandos. I always tried to hit that dot in the triangle on their back with a sniper rifle - of coarse by now you all know that trick does not work, no matter how accurately you aim that weapon.