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    [ATHF]MasterShake brought up a point in the MP thread (that I'm sure many people have been thinking of) about replayability. I wanted to start a thread that addresses the issue. Soooo mods (or those who have been so lucky to play it already) what type of replayability has Guerilla tried to incorporate into the game? Any input helps.

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    I havent played the game yet. But I think you can get replayability from all the different stuff you can do at the base camp. And the fact you can change how your character looks. Also I heard that after you beat the game the first time. You can play it again in "AcId MoDe". But don't take my word for it.

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    yeah i heard about ACID MODE to but im not sure if its true.. But i wonder if there will be different difficulty settings so i can beat the game on all difficulties which will keep me interested.

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    What is AcId mode and where did you hear about it? Also, if there are different difficulties that would certainly add replay value.

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    I have heard it in other forums but its probably not true.... but i dont understand why they would make a mode like that when you can get fried on acid anyway during missions

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    yeah just checked it out on the ign boards. don't think it will be a reward but could be in the game, dunno.

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    Replayability is pretty dern good with SS'67. Given the fact that most missions have several ways to complete them, and some of the levels are HUGE. Also there are night maps and such. Pretty sweet IMHO. It was a lot of fun showing this game at E3! The levels chosen for the demo didn't get old after playing them for 3 days. Quite different, and surprising from my past E3 experiences.

    Sorry I can't be more specific, but I can't devulge any specific details till the game comes out. Spoilers BAD!


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    oh man, my fingers are itchin to play this game ...30 days till it's out in stores!!!

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    why dont the release the demo from e3.. i would buy it just to say that ive played ssn67