Thread: No one plays anymore

No one plays anymore

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    [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-frown.gif[/img]Can someone please go online in the Mirage Arena? I feel bored online because there's noone to fight with and against.

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    I can play with you. What time?

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    Just send me a message

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    ive been looking to play with someone on mirage arena also can people connect over the world?

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    i can play with you if you want but tell me what time

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    How do you do that?! I always thought the PSP's had to be within range to play with each other?

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    When googling it I found this on GameFAQs, posted by a pjchao:

    You need a ps3.
    Connection your PS3 go to the PSN Store find the download Ad-Hoc party.
    Start up BBS and head to Mirage Arena.
    Go to your PS3 in the game section, and activate the Ad-Hoc Party.
    Now go and choose Online for when you enter the Mirage Arena.
    Now back on your PS3 on the Ad-Hoc menu choose "Search" (it will scan for all BBS game in the lobbies and direct you to other players.
    Pick a room , enter it and play