Thread: 9600 Pro problems W/T3

9600 Pro problems W/T3

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    9600 Pro problems W/T3

    This is kinda hard to explain, but I'm having lighting problems with T3. The game looks and runs great, but sometimes objects in the game will "light up" when I know their not supposed to and I also get flickering lights as well at times. For example right now I'm entering the Widows mansion and right outside there are some large rocks. I'll look at them one way they appear dark, however, if I move just a bit they turn very bright. This is strange because I never had these problems playing before this. I did change drivers to cat 4.7 recently to play Doom 3 and changed some settings in there but that's in Open GL so should't make a difference for thief 3 should it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Athlon 2700+
    512 2700 RAM
    Sapphire 9600 Pro

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    The Catalyst 4.4 drivers are the last ones that do not have that problem with lighting in Thief 3.

    The 4.8 drivers are also supposed to fix the problem, but you'd have to download the beta version of them (or wait until ATI releases them officially).

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    Thanks Dirk. I downloaded the 4.9 cats and all the problems are fixed as well as giving me a nice boost in Doom 3.