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Thread: ¿Flipeffects numbers?

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    Post ¿Flipeffects numbers?

    HI EVERYBODY I´m Adngel

    ¿can somebody tell me all hell numbers of the flipeffects?

    I know someones (28 for the fog, 31 for the bettles 30 for von croy etc etc...) but I would like to know if someone have got a list with this codes, this will help me a lot and others people


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    Well, you could try reading the manual........

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    Yes there are some codes but I´m looking for a list with every every every codes and theirs effects.

    for the moments I only knows the codes from the manual and the "Wad merger".

    however I´ve seen in this forum that there are more codes (for example 41 to erase every enemys..)

    well, manual, wadmerger anewhere more

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    C = Crashed to desktop
    N = No Effect

    -1 When you try to place this trigger it says select object you want to trigger (i dunno why it says that -2 > - 10 have No effect

    1 C
    2 N
    3 C
    4 Loads Next DATA (alternative finish trigger)
    5 N
    6 N
    7 Constant (standing on trigger) Heavy Earthquake
    8 Removes Right Gun
    9 Restores Right Gun after guns are re-holstered
    10 Plays Beetle sound (or any sound that is in the timer field)
    11 Constant (standing on trigger) Medium Earthquake
    12 DISABLES USE OF GUNS (they wont work at all untill 13 is triggered)
    14 ADDs/Removes Right Gun (Unstable use Anim Editor instead)
    15 ADDs/Removes Left Gun (Unstable use Anim Editor instead)
    16 Creates Right Gun constant FLARE (COOL EFFECT)
    17 Creates Left Gun constant FLARE (COOL EFFECT)
    18 C
    19 C

    (Meshes Lights and FX?)
    20 C
    21 C
    22 C
    23 N
    24 N
    25 N
    26 Stretches laras ponytail accross the room
    27 N (any N will restore laras hair)
    28 FOG BULB (Volumetric FX thing) Sets RGB in Timer Field; see manual
    29 N

    (AI stuff?)
    30 Guide will wait for Lara if she is slow (see manual)
    31 Kills the swarming Beetles
    32 C
    33 N
    34 N
    35 N
    36 N
    37 N
    38 N
    34 N

    ( Possible Baddy AI Changes )
    40 N
    41 N
    42 N
    43 C
    44 Makes Baddy Notice and shoot Lara
    45 N
    46 Makes ALL baddies Dissapear (Including Immortals)

    The rest Crashed after this number
    But Crashing could mean that something that would be triggered isnt in the wad or it relates to the cutseq.dat that it cant find

    No Effect is only what I couldnt see, its possible that they relate to meshswaps, Baddy AI, Object interaction Underwater effects ETC If anyone tests these 'No effects and gets something to happen please post here and I will update the list



    (TR3) Used for assault course clock and quad bike race.
    (TR4) Used for many effects. Uses same values as animcommands:
    0 - Change Direction Make the object turn around 180 degrees.
    1 - Soft Earthquake Play a soft earthquake.
    2 - Play flooding sound Play a flooding sound effect (if this sound is available in your wad).
    3 - Make bubble Makes some bubbles in the water.
    4 - End Level When this effect is called, the level ends.
    5 - Activate CAMERA Trigger Used on puzzle animation to trigger a camera trigger below the puzzle_hole before the animation is finished.
    6 - Activate Triggers Used on puzzle animations to activate all triggers below the puzzle_hole.
    7- Heavy Earthquake Play a heavy earthquake.
    8 - Get Crowbar Switches lara's hands with the hands from the crossbow_anim object. Use command again to put it back.
    11 - Soft Eartquake Play a soft earthquake.
    12 - Disable Guns Puts the guns back in the holsters. Has some bugs, cause the gun is still in her hands (but you can't use it). Lara can still draw her guns. If this command is used in game, she can't.
    14 - Get Right Gun Gets or puts back laras right gun.
    15 - Get Left Gun Gets or puts back laras left gun.
    16 - Fire Right Gun Fires the right gun.
    17 - Fire Left Gun Fires the left gun.
    18 - Use MESHSWAP1 Switches objects current meshes with meshswap1.
    19 - Use MESHSWAP2 Switches objects current meshes with meshswap2.
    20 - Use MESHSWAP3 Switches objects current meshes with meshswap3.
    23 - Hide Object Makes object invisible.
    24 - Show Object Makes object visible.
    26 - Remove Ponytail Removes the ponytail mesh.
    43 - Get Waterskin Gives lara the waterskin in her hands.
    44 - Put Back Waterskin Removed the waterskin from her hands.
    16416 - Play Step Sound (land) Play the sound effect for the terrain (mud, snow, metal) if the object is on land.
    -32736 - Play Step Sound (water) Play the sound effect for the terrain (mud, snow, metal) if the object is in water.

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    Wow! This is cool. Good info. I'm bookmarking this now. I didn't know there were so many flipeffects

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    Thank you very very very much
    I needed it.


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