Thread: Commandos-3"Destination Berlin"Vs Commandos-2"Men of Courege

Commandos-3"Destination Berlin"Vs Commandos-2"Men of Courege

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    Commandos-3"Destination Berlin"Vs Commandos-2"Men of Courege

    Dear Sirs (Qaulity Manger)& (Sales Mangers))
    Good Morning:
    Im Eng. Adham "Del lolio" im oiginally from italy im a Manger in Qaulity control departemnt in "Steel Company" in Egypt where i work there "EZZ-DK".
    In breif , i played all comaandos parts from when u strat producing it:
    Commandos-1 : Behined Enmey lines.
    Commandos : Behined Call of duty.
    Commandos-2: Men of courege..which in my openion & other firends is the best part u have ever produced.. in all parts:
    First : its Sound track (Music)
    Second: its dificulty ..levels are availble. (Easy, to Hard)
    Third : The caractres which were found:As Diver, & The Driver, Thief with its Dog "Milo" & the mouse which he got it & also "Natash". it was very nice games. & we loved all its characters & thier multi uses of weapones.
    Fourt: Giving Statistical advantage " like killing with Hand, or without gunes, like with Kinfe or ropes.
    also ..giveing ranks for the players as major.. which give a motivation for the player.
    Fifth:Finding the picutres which gives u more time for the games "Longer time to accompish it"
    Six"Giving Bonus Mission. which give u also a motivation.
    Seven:Long time for every mission & not a limited time & some other charcters which help im some missions.
    Eight:Allies soliders, whereexists in to many missions with differnt armours making the missions more exicted & delitfull,chearfull..
    In Comparing with :Commandos -3"Destination Berlin:
    Its new & having new campings but its lake from:
    its too short ive finished it in one week.
    Secondly, i missed the driver, & only one mission for the Diver...??????
    Some abbrivations words said by the commands were missing where they use to say .. like correct the mangoo. by the Driver whom we miss him & he is a one of the old members of the commands from part "one" he should be exsist & words like cryistal clear.. by the sniper.& thier faces were not nice as in part-2" Butcher " eating Gum" & while the Stamina doesnt appers while he was climibing or picking up any thing boxes or bodys.
    they were two in a missions not "three of four of them at the same time. which we miised them.
    Also the game length should be excedded..
    Finally i thank u & i hope the next part will be better , coz i adore this game commandos , as i usedto play it while i was in Coullege & up till now...
    I appreciate if u can reply me & if there will be a next part we hope to be sooner...thx with my best regards.
    Adam Del' lolio

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    I agree with you. C3 is "Commandos" in name only. It is as though they forgot how to do it and simple threw together something with the Commandos name on it and no real content.

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    i hope the next part will be better
    you'll be back in italy with grandkids before this happens...

    just a note adam. even back when the game first hit the shelves, NO ONE from pyro (the "managers" you address in this too little too late letter to the editor) ever let it be known they visited, much less read, this forum. so my friend, you're talking to deaf ears but maybe it's too hot over there to go outside

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    Well i finally feel qualified enough to comment on a thread such as this

    Having only just played C3

    I have to giggle at the comment on the box

    "Commandos 3 just blows
    its predecessor away."
    - Gamespot

    Which schmuck at gamespot wrote this i wonder??? The first line however is appropriate

    Things i didnt like....

    The rain effects in the "infiltrate the station" mission were difficult to see through, why the blurry smear accross the screen. Graphics should enhance, not ruin the experience.
    C2 = Saving Private Smith got this right with a soaking rain experience that I still marvel at

    Viewable boundaries, by this i mean that you have to rotate the map in order to view a patrolling solider even when on open ground, this was particularly annoying in "infiltrate the station"
    C2 got this right - when rotating the map it had shaded non-play areas that allowed you to see any part of the play area. i guess you might call it a buffer zone

    Obstructing trees in the board the train mission and and stop bomb deployment the trees (while pretty) obstructed the view of the commandos
    C2 had trees but not so close to the action that they intereferred

    The interfaceWell it looks pretty enough, but why change something that works well to somthing that doesnt. Why does the backpack for every solider have Explosives, Hand grenades and handcuffs, while it only use is a big button to show your inventory
    As i recall the backpack only served a purpose as a visual inventory in CBEL, the rest is legacy, and toghether with the rest of the new inteface screen it represents a waste of realestate

    I'll continue this later methinks, there is so many things wrong

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    Big Grin

    LOL,LOL,LOL!!!! Yeah, "Commandos 3 just blows" is a sufficient remark. Back when this dogmeat had just come out there were people actually defending the stuff you just pointed out as flawed. And every uniform in the backpack looks the same no matter that they are different. Hahahahahahaha!