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    fishlikelong Guest


    How do I make white fog. I have tuned on that volumetric FX thingy and I have placed a fog bulb in a room and then Lara walks into black. How can i make the fog white and a little see through?

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    you need to use it in conjunction with flip effects triggers.

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    Page 97 of the TRLE manual.

    Suffice to say, 12 in the timer works best, as white is a little over powering. 12 will give you a light grey and looks so much better.

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    fishlikelong Guest
    Thanx. How many fog bulbs do i need to fill 1 room. I am making a Silent Hill level and if u have played Silent Hill u know I need fog. The room is the size it starts at and i havn't made it smaller.

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    Also when you lower the color values the fog will be thinner...

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    fishlikelong Guest
    The colour sliders the to right of the lighting box?

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    Yes, those sliders will make the fog thicker or thinner.
    Not sure about how to set the distance. It might work by setting the thickness. Or you might be able to use a light mesh. There is a button below the 3D display for that. If it shows a mesh, you *might* be able to adjust the size. I think you use the Alt key.

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    fishlikelong Guest
    I tried putting 12 in the flip trigger timer thingy but it's still black. The room is a bit dim aswell.

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    Have you typed 28 right above in the flipeffect box? This flipeffect number is for the fog. The timerfield is the kind of color you want. Best check the manual

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    Hi , u can see the effects of timer value in this italian forum topic:
    For each timer value used with flipeffect 28 you can see what's the really effect in the game.
    The timer value change the fog colour by value 0-27 , after value 27 the color change small and some are the same. There u can look at.
    Sorry it's in italian language but the pictures explaint it in universal language
    I hope it may be usefully to you.

    EDITED: u can see that some RGB values are not the same the manual report. this happen becouse the colour in my list is picked up from the centre of the screen in game, so it's a little different.

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