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Thread: Saint John's Church

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    Saint John's Church

    This is the second level of the TROLC (The Return of Lara Croft) project I was working with some other members of the forum, most of them portuguese and brazilian. I lost contact with all of them and due to my lack of time and the impossibility of doing this project alone, this project died, I moved to some other smaller projects I could do alone, and this incomplete and uncontinued level is what's left of the project.
    Those of you who saw this community born and who were here in the first year of the forum might remember me and possibly even remember the announcement of this project, due to some personal problems I had to stay out of the community and consequently I also almost quit level editing.
    Now I'm back and I plan to make a horror themed game with young Lara.
    I think it is a shame to have worked a year in Saint John's Church and leave it unfinished, so now I'm making the project public for anyone that wants to continue it.

    Here are some screens of its actual state:

    Whoever wants to continue this level, is free to do whatever he/she wants to do with the project files (PRJ, textures, and wad), and when I say whatever, I really mean whatever. You can change any room, texturing, lightning, objects, etc.
    The only thing I ask to whoever wishes to edit my level is to give me credits for what I've done, nothing else.

    If you want to continue it, ask for the file over MSN Messenger, I am usually online 24/7, but I'm not always in front of my computer screen, so if you don't get an answer, it is because I'm not there, but I'll answer you sooner or later.

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    And finally:

    Also, I forgot to mention my MSN contact on the first post. Here it is:

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    The screens look good. I think you should carry on

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    The only screen that isn't absolutley wonderful and atmospheric is the second one- seems like a little bit of a clunky wall. The rest look amazing, well-lighted, and awesome in the way a real church built like that would be.
    What horizon are you using? It is beautiful!
    I think that you should release the WAD, PRJ and textures on the TRLE Search Engine, but the level looks too good to stop here. If it is on the search engine, anyone can use it. The again, we might have a bunch of St. John's levels running around.

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    The horizon used in this level was created by me using a picture I found with google when searching for sunset, Google is a good way to find good horizons.
    BTW, the outfit was also created by me (not complete also, problems in some joints and problems with the reflection on the legs). The outfit was originaly designed for a Tomb raider movie house level I was making at the time, but I dropped the movie house project and the outfit ended up being used here.
    It's funny, 4 out of 5 levels I was building ended up unfinished. The only level I finished was a Lara's Home (I made it available through the net, but the site where I had it hosted went down and now I don't know if someone is hosting it), but it wasn't a real level, it was more a test of what I could already do with the LE.
    Now I just hope that I can at last finish a sequence of levels I'm working on now, for a game called Haunted Village (this isn't the final title).
    I'm not going to be the one who's continuing St John's Church, I don't have time for it and I have some other things in mind.
    The only reason I don't make it available at the TRLE Search Engine is because I don't have a web space where to host it. I've been searching for a good one, but they all have a file size limit, don't allow direct linking, have low transfer speeds, etc. Unless someone has a web space available and wishes to host it, in that case, contact me via MSN.

    It is possible that if someone uses my level there will be a bunch of St. John's Churches, but remember what I said, you can do whatever you want with these files. You can just take a single room and implement it in your level, you can just take the outfit or any other objects, anything.

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    I haven't received any request yet, no one's interested?

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    I'm interested. But I don't use MSN. If you want to, email them to aktrekker at yahoo dot com.

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    Files sent.
    If you don't mind, I would like to know what you'll use these files for.

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    Very nice!

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    I'm thinking of finishing the level. Not sure if you already had a story, but I can come up with something. It looks nearly finished, it would be a shame for it to be lost.

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    It didn't have a really great story. A priest knew that there was an ancient map with the location of a religious artefact hidden somewhere in the church area, and he asked Lara to investigate and find it.
    Here are somethings I was planning to do on the level based on what is done:
    Inside the church, on the upper floor, where you have all those torches, the way of going from side to the other would be by swinging from ropes (not placed yet).
    Also on the upper floor of the church, there are 6 poseidon statues, some of them activate fire emitters that will set Lara on fire, and the others would activate the Animating3(not placed) object on the left side of the big smoked glass drawing, revealing a passage. The tridents would be hidden around the level, and what Poseidon statues should be activated or not is showed on one book placed uppon the tebles that you see in those rooms with bookshelves. The texture of the book isn't very clear, you might want to change it.
    Alson on the upper floor of the church, in that room that looks like an office or so, there's a passage that leads to a climb down to the lower part of the church, there should be a trapdoor closing that passage on the top, and a pushable object hiding that trapdoor, but I removed it because it would make the testing of the level take longer, and forgot to add it again.
    There were some other things I was planning to do, but I can't remember them right now.

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    Got it. I'll work on it and see what I come up with.
    BTW - this will be the first level I have released. Or the first NetSlider level I have released

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    Originally posted by aktrekker
    Got it. I'll work on it and see what I come up with.
    BTW - this will be the first level I have released. Or the first NetSlider level I have released
    You don't need to do what I told I was to do, you can do whatever you want to.
    And from the moment you finish the level, it's not my level, it's our level.

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