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    Pagan Factions

    Ok, I have read the letter in the Docks district and shot a moss arrow @ the green Symbol, is that what I am need to do, cus it doesn't work. I started 2 differant games one where I shot those spider looking things first and one where I didn't. Am I doing something wrong? I have the game on X-box in case that mases a differance. Any assitance would be wonderful.


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    You're supposed to shoot cornerstones, not green symbols!
    Do a Search on "Cornerstones" and you'll see tons of information on this Forum about what they look like and where to find them.

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    Yup, thanx, figured it out about half an hour after I posted. In the game it says green, it needs to say dark blacish green.

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    Another question....

    And what about those "coccoons"? What are they, and what do they look like?

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    They're the large monument-looking things in the pagan territories (one in the Docks, and another in Auldale). They look like two claws coming out of the ground, curving towards each other, and there are flashing green lights on them. Can't miss 'em, although it's easy to miss 'em when you shoot elemental arrows at them... I still haven't figure out how to hit them consistently. Sometimes hitting one of the claw things works, and other times shooting through the middle works.
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    I find hitting one of the circle-thingies is 100%.