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Thread: If you want to talk about TS3

If you want to talk about TS3

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    Exclamation For the ones that have trouble logging in at the TS3 forum...

    I recommend using that thingy at the loggin bar that remembers you so that you don't have to log in over and over again.
    Now log in. "Page cannot be displayed". Hit the back button and try to post. If you get "page cannot be displayed" again, repeat proces. You'll get in after a few tries.

    P.S.: can any mod make this a sticky please?

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    I added it into this thread instead, which was already a sticky.

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    Is Timesplitters 3 still gonna be funny?
    I read somewhere it wasnt.
    It better be! Thats what makes Timesplitters great! Well... that and it owns.

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    i hope it has more cool guns like the ak-74-u,m-16,or c-4!

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    It is working all good for me now, should for you too! Join if you haven't!

  7. When I register in Ts3 forums it won't let me write in the important stuff like my username.

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    Once a Spaz...

    I haven't had any problems with it.

    I'm in with the same name and I am happy!

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    That same thing is happening to me! (it won't let me put in the important info at the TS3 forums)

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    It works fine, click on register on the top. And fill everything out... if it still doesn't work I might be able to make an account for you then you can change the password and such.

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    Just a reminder to everyone that the new TS FP site does have sections for both TS1 and 2, so if you still need help and can't find the answer here, you know where to find us. Most of the members on this forum can be found there already. Hope to see you there to.
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    The TimeSplitters Portal - For all your Time Splitting needs

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    Cool site...
    Please visit and join the TimeSplitters Elite!

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    The TS2 forum is dead =P

    *going to the TS3 forum*
    Chester Bennington

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    Well, since died, were working on rebuilding the archive at my forum. Click the link in my signature to get to the new forum.

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    Big Grin

    Where's your sig?

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    Originally Posted by TSFP
    Where's your sig?
    Sig usage has now been restricted on the boards in general. I was there! -Honest! ^^;;

    Anyways, feel free to visit Drk's Basement and join what's left of the Splitters gang that used to roam over here

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    TimeSplitters Future Perfect or TimeSplitters 2 people.

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    Originally Posted by TSFP
    TimeSplitters Future Perfect or TimeSplitters 2 people.
    Both of those, as well as the original. ^^

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