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Thread: Swim season is here!

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    Swim season is here!

    I just thought I'd let you all know. I get real excited when varsity swim season starts.

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    Ichetucknee Springs is a fun wet spot in north florida.
    The water is quite cold but is a lotta fun tubing down the river.

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    I get to go swim in Lake Michigan from Michigan instead of Wisconsin for the first time. Lake Superior is near by and we use to own a condominium up there with my my dads brothers and sisters (14) and another family (7) so that's 21 families! But we were actually losing money from it so we sold it but Superior is too cold up there I hope the lake will be warm in Michigan... this will be first time going anywhere besides Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois since I was 3 (Florida)! Still not very far... almost got to go to Oregon... I am rambling on...

    No, what I don't like about swimming? Lessons. I am glad I completed them 2 years ago... I was to young to go to lifeguard training so I just haven't gone since. I am glad too, swimming in lakes is way more fun even if your swimming indoors without lessons.

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    Swimming on a team is the best kind of swimming there ever once was

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    Somebody forgot skinny dipping.... actually not much swimming involved but I still think its the best kind there ever once was

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    That too

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