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    The first Backyard Wrestling game was awesome, with over the top moves and such. But for me, it just didn't feel like the the "full" backyard experience. The game was missing some elements that should have been in there...

    -It should be a little easier to slam people through tables, and setting people up so you can jump on them on a table, should have been a little easier

    -the CAW was shallow (i've heard that they have fixed that, and i am excited

    -this part wasn't really gameplay, but they should have something that tells you what the controls are! (I still don't know how to reverse moves, i just push every button on the controlller and hope I get lucky!)

    -and, maybe this is just me, but i would LOVE to see just a normal "squared circle" ring there, with tables outside of it and stuff

    Those were my only complaints about the first game, other than that it kicked major ass, a bit arcadey, but kick ass!

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    What do you guys feel like was missing from the first game?

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    A ring.

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    i already mentioned that with the "squared circle" dude

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    Spydere99 I agree with you. I really would've liked it if there was a ring you could fight in. I don't think there will be a ring in BYW2, but at least it'll have what I wanted the most since the first one; ONLINE PLAY!! I can't wait to f up people online with New Jack. I hope Sabu will be in it again 'cause he was my favorite from the first game.

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    we were also promised thumbtacks

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    I agree with spydere99 on how mediocre the caw engine was.The other thing that I didnt like about the game was the lack of moves in the game,so if they fixed both of those things in the new one then its going to be a great game.

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    yes i agree with u guys the CAW engine was really horrid :x and i think we could use more moves and maybe a choice of different specials and stuff also i think we could use a ring too and maybe different skins for people cuz i myself would like to see dark lotus up in there and maybe ABK and Blaze or something add more ppl

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    There'll be light tubes as well, right?

    OOO yanno what'd be sweet? If they had a ring they could make up gimmicked matches... like the 200 lighttubes death matches in CZW or the circus death matches from IWA-MS.

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    well i didnt like the ai in the first game and the fact that it was more of a fighter then a wrestler, i would like to see more ppl able to play witch i think is going in, i love the fact that its online.

    more moves would be nice to, i mean they had some sick moves last time i want more!!!!!!

    more graple moves would be nice it would make it for a better wrestler also better body damage, i liked it in the last how u giot hurt from jumping off a high object but i think it should do a bit more damage.

    u said its a bit arcadey of course it is thats why its fun, its off the wall in a real setting, it gives us the things other games want to but cant because somehting has to push the limits and this game is it.

    now im a smackdown game fan, and nothign usualy comes close but this game is number to on my list. it looks amazing.

    i hope they have vids of real backyard wrestling thaty are of good langht, i fdidnt make it far in the first, i basicly could only play against my firends cuz of the ai, how i hated it.

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    I completely agree with the idea of adding in a ring to the game. What about the ability to be able to create you own ring? Like in the story mode you start out as just someone who is wanting to have their own backyard fed and so you have to build a ring. But you need money to do it. You could maybe start out with just a small amount of money and because of your budget you can only buy really low quality supplies for your ring and can't pay people to work for your fed. Then as you get more popular with your fed you get more money and you can build a better ring and then hire more wrestlers to work for you.

    I dunno, something like that would be awesome for this game, I think. What do you guys think?

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    Also, I was thinking about the ability to purchase the rights to the songs featured in the game's soundtrack. For example, if one of the wrestlers that is working for your fed comes up to you and wants to use a particular song for his intro music, you have the choice to purchase the rights to the song if you want to (that is, if you have the money to buy it) or if you are saving up to build a better ring, or maybe to hire a big time wrestler like Sabu, you can say no to his or her request.

    One more thing, my idea is all about being basically the owner of the fed. I dunno how much I would like this to be implemented, though. Like, you obviously are the one who seeks out to hire new wrestlers, and build new rings (and maybe even arenas, if it comes to being that big and popular), but I don't think it would work to have it where you have to assign feuds and matches as well.

    Anyway, those are my ideas. I hope that something like this would be thought about for the new game. I personally think that this game should be about building your own fed. I mean, that is what backyard wrestling is all about.

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    The idea of being a promoter has been done. There is a game called EWR online and you basically choose a fed and run it how you see fit.