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News Article 404 Issue

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    News Article 404 Issue

    I've checked about 25 times now and yesterday it was giving me a weird error that I can't remember. Today, it's just giving me a 404 error: page not found. I really wanted to read this article because I want to know when it will be out and if it will be compatible with my phone's Android (I have a Backflip, and they stopped releasing updates for it a while back).

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    I've submitted this bug and I'm looking into fixing it. In the meantime, here is the content of the article for your viewing:

    We've heard the feedback from the community and are excited to announce, for the first time on Android devices, FINAL FANTASY III is now available!

    The 3D remake of the original was first released in 2006 on Nintendo DS, and has since made it to iOS devices. Now fans of the series with Android phones and tablets can enjoy this updated classic entry to the FINAL FANTASY series through Google Play!

    The touch controls are smooth and responsive, and the 3D visuals have been tailored specifically to Android devices for an ideal gameplay experience.

    Head on over to Google Play and download your copy today!

    We're excited to give Android users a chance to take this amazing game on the go through Google Play.

    With titles available such as Imaginary Range and Crystal Defenders, the addition of FINAL FANTASY III marks a growing list of great releases to Android users, with more to come!

    Robert Allen Peeler
    Community Manager whose wife's Android phone is about to be very busy

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    This has been resolved.

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