Thread: Welcome to the Technical Support forum!

Welcome to the Technical Support forum!

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    The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for players to discuss technical issues with each other and to find a quick resolution to issues they are experiencing. There may be instances where Square Enix will provide information and introduce knowledgebase articles, but keep in mind that the best way to get in touch with us directly is to go via the Square Enix Support Center.

    -Customer support can be reached via the following links-

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    Please carefully read and follow the guidelines before posting.

    Guidelines on Technical Support:

    - This forum is for discussion on technical issues. Other themes such as game discussion should be done in the appropriate forums.
    - Only new threads related to your own issues may be created.
    - Since direct support will be required for the following types of issue, please contact us through the Square Enix Support Center. (North America:
    - Issues regarding faulty products which require direct support or product exchange. (Example: Registration code is invalid, damaged disc, etc.)
    - Issues regarding the registration information of a Square Enix Account that requires individual investigation and restoration. (Example: Compromised account, billing issue)


    Format on Technical Support Request:

    When you create a new thread, please use the following template and try to include as much detail as possible.

    Thread Title:

    Short outline explaining what sort of issue you are experiencing.


    Full description on the issue you are experiencing.

    Try to give as much detail as possible, including what you were doing prior to the issue that occurred.


    Detailed steps on how the issue occurred.

    Date & Time:

    Date and time on when the issue occurred. Please make sure to state the time zone of your region. (Example: Pacific Time = PST/PDT)


    State how frequent the issue occurs. Please select from the following.

    1. Always
    2. Just once
    3. Under certain conditions

    In the case of option 3, please also include the specific details on the condition.


    Specify which platform was in use to play the game.(Ex: PC, “PlayStation3”, Wii, Xbox 360, etc.)

    In case you cannot post all of the information in a single post due to character limitations, please make multiple posts.



    Thread Title: Cannot select weapon when playing tutorial level in KINGDOM HEARTS

    Details: I began my first playthrough of KINGDOM HEARTS and while going through the tutorial I was unable to select my play preference from the weapons provided (sword, wand, shield). When I press the “X” button to select a weapon nothing happens.


    1. Turned on the game
    2. Played through the intro tutorials, up to weapon selection
    3. Pressed X to choose the weapon and was unable to receive it
    4. Gave 3 tries but the result was the same.

    Date & Time: Feb. 5th, 2011 at around 20:40 EST


    Platform: PS2

    Please note that this is an EXAMPLE only and is not an actual support contact.



    (Add more steps if necessary.)

    Date & Time:


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