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    I have read a ton of postings on this site concerning graphics cards and which ones are the best. I don't want to start another agrument but I just want to get a good bang for my buck. I have a two and a half year old Gateway computer that will need a new card to run Thief III but I don't want to spend $300+. Any suggestions??


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    Post your video card's name, not the PC's name . If it's an internal card, like Intel Extreme Graphics, forget it. But if it's a RADEON 9000 series or Geforce equivelent, you might stand a chance.

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    Thanks for the help tealsmith (as you can tell I am a bit unsure). I have a NVIDIA nForce2 (I think). Like I said it came with the computer when I got it 2-3 years ago. What do you think?

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    I'm guessing here, since you mention nForce2 (that would be the chipset - not the vid card), if the vid card is internal (or on-board, built in - not a separate card in the AGP slot) - it would be an nVidia GF4 MX 128MB shared memory (not supported). In which case, I would suggest a nVidia GeForce FX5900 w/c is in the $200.00 range. I can't suggest ATI since I have no experience with them.

    But before you plunk down a hunk of change on a vga card, check your pc's documentation. Just verify that the motherboard does have a VGA slot. Might as well check if you have sufficient memory and if you're running a compatible OS (pre-W2K not supported).

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    You can't go wrong with ATI 9800 or NV5900. I have both and with Thief the ATI does have some problems with shadows and no matter what drivers I try there still there. Some people have problems with the 9800 yet I don't have any game that wont play they all do. But like Thief it has the shadow thing which should be fixed soon I hope. The 5900 runs thief smooth no problems at all.

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    Follow the instructions in this thread and post the results so people know what you're currently running.

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    Taken Care Of

    I decided to buy the RADEON 9600 SE 128MB AGP. Installed it yesterday and it worked great. Thanks for the advice everyone!

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    You got a great card...

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    Originally posted by Blade
    You got a great card...
    Not really... The SE has a 64 bit memory system, all the other 9600 versions have a 128bit memory system(memory bandwidth that is).

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    Actually it says on the box that it is 128 MB and 128 Bit?? I don't really know a whole hell of a lot about graphics cards but I got it installed and it runs Thief which is good enough for me.

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    Hmm. they're not really supposed ot have 128bit memory. That's one of the things they cut to make then so inexpensive.

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    the 64bit vs 128 bit varies per manufacturer.

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    Ooooh. Good deal on the 128 bit then!