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    may want to double check if you have a key stuck happens quite often, just because the key is up, doesn't mean the contact is as well

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    That just does not happen with my Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard&Mouse package....which i payed $200 for =p

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    Terrific, it has now started happening with 1.0...First the game locked my PC completely up randomly, and now it cant even distinguish run/creep?

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    Originally posted by Sander Scamper
    That just does not happen with my Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard&Mouse package....which i payed $200 for =p
    I want to say what everyone is thinking but I can't... *sniff*... it involves a fish and someone who pays $200 for minor perpipherals.

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    Originally posted by Sander Scamper
    Terrific, it has now started happening with 1.0...First the game locked my PC completely up randomly, and now it cant even distinguish run/creep?
    you don't happen to have any usb devices plugged in besides your uber keyboard and mouse? like a joystick or gamepad...

    getting rid of those seems to clear up a lot of "sticky key" type behavior.


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    I downloaded the patch that was provided via the link in this post, but it didn't fix my problem.

    Problem: I chose the 'normal' difficulty level, and beat the game (not surprisingly). Now, however, when I try to switch the difficulty level to anything else, I'm unable to.
    What gives?

    If anyone knows where to find a patch or something for this problem, can you pleeeease send me a private message?

    Now back to my adventuring.

    p.s. Who knows who Adolpho is?

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    if your trying to switch the difficulty in the training mission that's your problem, you can't no matter what... it's only after your finished with the training mission that you can select different difficulty settings


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    Normally, I'm fully on the side of the company working hard to correct bugs (and yes, I will admit that there always will be bugs in anything, ESPECIALLY when first released with no patches.) However, I don't like how much I'm seeing the fans be ignored. Now, they can't "fix the performance issue" because there IS no performance issue (come on people, turn your shadows down and marvel at the way it becomes so clear, this is why it's an option even in version 1.0.) I too ran it on my Radeon 9600 Pro when I had one with no problems but for the fact I had to have shadows on about half or so. In particular, what's really bugging me though is the fact that so many people are complaining about horrible issues like how it's nearly impossible to pick up some items or interact with some objects. What's really scary is, some of the issues with moving things like boxes/chairs can be fixed simply by tweaking the "humping" settings (what sick programmer decided to name it that?) They didn't even need to spend hours working on that to get it into the 1.1, it took me 5 seconds to change, and just a few minutes to test what seemed to work better. Of course, there are still issues like some boxes being nearly 100% impossible to move for no apparent reason (I spent about an hour one time trying to move the boxes behind the library to where I could get to that glyph back before I had the gloves or knew they existed. God I was so ticked off to find that the near hour was wasted just to give me a door higher up than the normal one.) I'm still most ticked off at the whole "frobbing" issue where those stinking money pouches seem to require you to target one particular pixel with absolute precision to pick them up. That makes it nearly impossible to do the most basic of robberies, and I usually have to just kill everyone (what's the point in knocking out? Lol) and move the body, then spend about half a minute trying every angle until I can pick the darned thing up. All that trouble for something like a value of 25 or so. And, btw, what's with the running? What the crap kind of thief on earth or any other place can't run? And he's supposed to be a master thief? Any thief still alive can outrun all but the fastest guards or they would never have lived long enough to become a master thief (and Garette wouldn't have been an exception since he wouldn't have made it long enough to be found.)

    I'm sorry, but, there's just so many stupid annoying things keeping this game from being so much better. And they worry first over something that fans have already unofficially fixed rather than fixing the myriad of issues... And don't say that they don't care if we play or not. Maybe they don't care about us, but, they care that we tell our friends "don't buy this game, it's so buggy that it takes all the fun out of it sometimes and after all this time their only idea of fixing it is to ever so slightly boost the AI."

    BTW. Spending $200 for a kb/mouse combination was stupid. I'm sorry, I hate to say such a blunt thing, but, I'm afraid it's true. $200 for a kb/mouse combo is a SERIOUS rip-off. Even if you HAD to have wireless you can get a perfect combo for less than HALF of that price! Personally, I spent something like $50, and I have some darned good stuff. In particular, my mouse is the MX510, which may not be the latest and greatest (the higher models are just wireless versions and not any better -- in fact, probably just a tad worse due to latencies from translations I'd imagine. There is ONE better, than that's the one they just released either this month or last, I can't recall, the MX1000.) However, I find that this setup is 100% perfect. I can do the whole flick of the wrist and head shot off in UT2K4 or that sort of thing so easily. It's accuracy never ceases to amaze me. And I never could figure out why people insist on wireless keyboards. A mouse I can understand, you move it a lot and that wire can get in the way if you aren't smart enough to simply turn it so that it won't be a problem, but, not in UT2k4, Farcry, or even Thief 3 will you find yourself desperately jerking the keyboard to avoid a fatal blow... You WILL find yourself jerking that mouse though, I admit, though I still point out that all you have to do is circle the wire properly and it never ever gets in the way anyway. All this for 1/4 the price... Next time, save at least half of that towards getting a better video card. You'll find that a higher FPS tends to raise your accuracy and that sort of thing far more than a kb/mouse combo that aren't really so special compared to what you can get for 1/2 that price or less. Not to mention upgrading your other hardware for that matter...

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    FINALLY! Someone said it! (And frankly I've survived in 2K4 well enough without a wireless mouse. All I need is one with a button located in a good position for my thumb I can assign jump to. WASD my ar... erm, anyway, yay!)

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    I can't believe you people are complaining about TDS not running on your systems. That is total BS. The game is not the problem, it's your system. Heck my system runs TDS almost perfectly and I have 1/2 the required processor speed!

    AMD Duron 750mghtz
    640 Mb of SDRAM
    ATI Radeon 9550
    120 GB HD (not that that matters)
    Windows XP Professional, using Litestep.

    The only time the game has ever slowed down on my computer is when my printer/copier/scanner combo machine is turned on. (Yes, it slows down my computer for some reason.)

    I seriously doubt that the problem is the game itself. TDS probably went thru several testings on many different set-ups and such.


  11. i got a combo of wireless keybord/mouse for just £10 !
    its pretty good,no complaints.

    i only got this combo setup is because i like to sit in bed at night and play my games

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    Lightbulb what "AI BUG" ?

    what is this AI Bug which you speak of

    AI seems fine to me, cept when you click to balackjack or backslab them in the back, they stop walking and stand in one spot momentarily to let you

    thats just silly i reckon

    they're walking along, and just when youre about to kill them they convinietly stand still

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    would be good if eidos would release anew patch to better joystick support solves problem like crashing with controllers plugged in and better analog joystick compatibility

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    As an opinion, it's not worth the time or effort. It is easy for the majority of users to modify the setup for playing the game.

    Programing a patch to handle all the USB devices, gamepads, and joysticks ( all of which use thier own codec applications) would be a massive and expensive endeavor.

    Many manufacturers of such items do make patches for thier specific devices to enable them to work with the various games. It is always a good idea to check with the manufacturer for updates at least once a month.

    New games frequently require new patches, and new operating systems and devices are not (too often in my opinion) always "downward" compatible.

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    Wtf is with patch, does it still in use....
    links are broken....

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    Since none of the links here work, and I found it hard to track down online, I've put the v1.1 patch up on my site.

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    odds are it will never be downloaded

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    patch won't install

    i bought thief deadly shadows online download.

    i then wanted to use the patch. the patch says that it can't find the file to update.

    i tried putting the patch in the same folder as eidos and even the .exe but no dice.

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    Originally Posted by kelticpete
    i bought thief deadly shadows online download.

    i then wanted to use the patch. the patch says that it can't find the file to update.

    i tried putting the patch in the same folder as eidos and even the .exe but no dice.
    Not sure about the digital download version of this game as I bought it when it came out. I'm wondering though, does the online download version even need to be patched at all? It may already be patched up.

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    It depends on the distributor from whom you download. Some offer special patches (like D2D), others automatically update the game or pre-patch it. Check with the support page of the distributor about their policy on game updates. Patches offered at Eidos' support pages are for retail disc versions.

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    my game version

    i got it from trymedia.

    they use ARAMARK.

    my version is 1.0

    they have no patch listed on their site.

    BUT I have learned that a digital 1.0 is the same as non digital 1.1.

    ah so!
    sigh. i was hoping for some way of less crashes

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    When did you buy it exactly?

    Trymedia says this on patches:
    Only ActiveMARK® Certified patches, fixes, and add-ons are compatible with our products. We make every effort to ensure that our products are the most current versions. Sometimes however, publishers will make newer versions available to the general public before we have had a chance to certify them.

    Please do not install patches, fixes or add-ons that you downloaded from any site other than ours. Doing so may cause you to have to reactivate your product.

    We periodically update our software with current patches, and by purchasing from us you have the ability to re-download and reinstall the game for free to receive the most current version.
    I assume that means they update entire game, and you need to re-download it. But if you purchased it recently, and it's not updated, I guess they haven't patched it (which sucks).

    edit: I didn't notice your edit. Nvm my post.

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    desperetly waiting for the sound fix

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    Hello taffers and tafferettes,

    I recently purchased Thief 3 and attempted to install the v.1.1 patch available on Eidos' website. However, like kelticpete, I get this error message:

    Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.
    Any suggestions? I followed the instructions for downloading the patch to my desktop and unzipping it there. I also unzipped the file and moved it to the Thief folder, but still no luck.

    For your general information, I run Windows Vista 64-bit on a Pentium Quad-core processor, but have gotten the game to work by adjusting the compatibility mode to Windows XP (service pack 2).

    Thanks for your help.

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    In a word your problem is VISTA. The game was not developed to run with VISTA or XP, and the inherent problems for each are different.

    Try a search for VISTA and related possible fixes. There are a few who have gotten the game running on VISTA, but not that many, and not that many fixes.

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