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Thread: Imperial Glory FAQ

Imperial Glory FAQ

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    One word, D'OH thanks sick

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    Healing ships

    How do you heal ships?
    My computer doesnt save games. It goes in to the save menu but doesnt save.

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    Originally Posted by sick
    The file Vorbis.dll is probably missing in the installation folder of your game. Download this file, extract it to the installation folder of your game and see how it works.

    the link isn't working on my comp.

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    Is there ANY way to make, in a quick game, an empire fight amongst itself or something? Because it may be interesting to do something like Culloden (where the Highlanders marched upon England) (and lost), but with current settings, that's impossible to do.

    Somehwre I can understand that, because the units would be so alike you wouldn't know which one is you, but still I think the quick game section is not as complete as it might have been...

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    Do people even play this game on the internet, I cant find one server.
    How do you get online games,my copy is bought,its not fake.
    Whats happening why arnt people even playing this game?

    I try to register on but it wont work.Dont tell me that people dont play this game online.

    Can I have some tips and directions to get me online.I have 256mhz Broad Band, is that fast enough ?

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    help please

    sory to interupt,but i don't know how to get my troops fro ship to land,can somebody help me please??!!!!! tkanks.......

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    can someone please tell me how to get my troops out of ship to land???!!??

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    you must go to a a harbor, and as you stand there 1 turn you can set your troops on land

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    is there any way to play imperial glory on win 10, i always played it on win xp

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