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Thread: Imperial Glory FAQ

Imperial Glory FAQ

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    Imperial Glory FAQ

    For your questions concerning Imperial Glory see this FAQ below:

    Imperial Glory FAQ (last update: 4th August 2005)

    General Questions

    1. Who made the game?
    A Spanish company named Pyro Studios developed the game. The publisher is Eidos.

    Pyro Studios website
    Eidos website

    2. When will the game be released?
    The game has been released world wide. You should be able to buy it at your local games shop or through any internet based games store. The US version comes on 3 CD’s, the European version on a DVD.

    3. What are the system requirements?


    Microsoft Windows 2000/Windows XP (admin rights required)
    (Windows® 95/98/ME/NT not supported)

    Pentium 3 1.0GHz (or AthlonXP equivalent)
    256MB System Memory
    100% DirectX 9 compatible 64MB Direct3D Card (GeForce 3/Radeon 8500+)
    100% DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
    8x speed CD-ROM drive (for CD versions)
    DVD-ROM drive (for DVD versions)

    2.5GB free disk space
    Keyboard and Mouse

    Note: Laptops & Integrated graphic cards may function but are not supported.


    Pentium IV 2.0GHz (or AthlonXP/64 equivalent)
    512MB System Memory
    100% DirectX 9 compatible 128MB Direct3D Card with Pixel Shader 2.0 support (GeForce 6 Series/Radeon X series)
    DVD-ROM drive
    LAN and Broadband Internet play supported
    4. Is there a singleplayer demo?
    You can download the singleplayer demo from the TAFN Downloads dB.

    5. Is there a multiplayer demo?

    Game Features

    6. What genre is Imperial Glory?
    The land and naval battles are Real Time Strategy.
    The management area is Turned Based.

    7. How many maps does the game feature?
    The game features over 50 maps, divided throughout Europe and North Africa, across 51 provinces and 31 maritime regions.

    8. Is there a multiplayer mode?
    Yes. You can go head-to-head against a maximum of 3 of your friends (which makes a total of 4.) You get an certain amount of Gold, which you have to buy your troops with. You can connect to a game via GameSpy, an IP address and LAN. You can play all land, naval and historical maps from the game. However, there is no online campaign mode.

    9. How long will the Imperial Glory experience be?
    You can literally spend hundreds of hours playing the game. This strongly depends how you wish to play the game. You can choose to play from 5 Empires; follow 7 different political systems; win on score or total victory; different difficulty levels; play customizable quick games and multiplayer games, and the list goes on!

    10. Will there be an Imperial Glory 2 or expansion?
    This is unknown for the moment.


    11. What Empires can the player choose of?
    You can play as one of the five great Empires of this period: Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia or Austria. You can interact with all of the remaining nations across Europe and North Africa (think of alliances, protection pacts, rights of passage, trading, invading, etc.)

    12. How can I command my troops when the game is paused?
    You can’t. At first Pyro Studios had chosen not to implement this feature because it will slow down the action too much. However, because a lot of people still requested this feature, they have added a speed slider in the patch. This gives you to option to slow down the battle to a speed close to completely paused. Please see this thread.

    13. How to use the “restore” button to heal my troops?
    In order to do so you need to build a “Military Hospital” which requires you to research the Surgery technology, which is only available when you’ve chosen to follow Autocracy as your political system.

    14. There are some countries which I can’t fully annex, how come?
    Imperial Capitals (capitals of Great Britain, France, Austria, Russia, Prussia) cannot be annexed; rather, when you conquer one, the Empire will be considered “subjugated” and out of the game, provided that you maintain sufficient troops there. Rebellions may also occur in a capital following foreign invasion. If successful, the Empire will return to the game.

    15. Do I really have to select a new technology to research after one has finished?
    Yes. However, you can as well exchange Research Points for Gold. In the upper bar of the Research Tree you will see a green bar. Click it and a new window pops up, from where you can move a slider to exchange Research Points for Gold. The more points you exchange for Gold, the longer it will take to research an advancement. By moving the slider to the far right, research will come to an halt, until you start investing money in researching again.

    16. I’ve finished researching everything in the 3rd Era, but now I’m stuck in the research screen!
    Be sure you’ve researched everything from the 2nd Era. There are some advances there which you do not require to move on to the next Era, but you do need to research them to complete the research tree.

    17. Are there any cheats for the game?
    Unknown for the moment. However, there is a trainer, which gives you infinite resources of all kinds. It can be downloaded from the TAFN Downloads dB.

    Software Issues

    18. I’m having graphic/sound issues, what to do?
    Be sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements (listed further up.) You might want to try to update the graphics and sound drivers, which can most likely be downloaded from the manufacture’s website. Also be sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed. People with an Intel graphics chipset, please see question below.

    19. I get an error message saying “the game could not be initialized.”
    The patch fixes this problem. Please see this thread.

    20. I get an error message saying “disc could not be authenticated” or “insert original disc” (when original disc is inserted) or “emulation detected” (no emulation software used) or similar.
    The patch fixes this problem. Please see this thread.

    21. When the battle starts and I have the opportunity to arrange my troops, the camera gets stuck.
    The patch fixes this problem. Please see this thread.

    22. I can’t change the game speed on my laptop, because if I want to initiate a + I have to hold the Shift key.
    TAFN has made a slightly changed v1.1 patch, which fixes this problem. It can be downloaded from the TAFN Downloads dB.

    23. Will there be a patch for the game?
    Yes, a patch has been released. The patch, which upgrades the game to v1.1, is for all versions, except the Czech one. This is because the patch will show up the tutorial text incorrectly. This will be fixed soon. You can find a list with fixes and a link to download in this thread.

    Game/Modding Guides

    24. I’m looking for a players guide. Any good ones around?
    No need to spend your money on a “Brady Games Strategy Guide.” At TAFN you’re at the right address, of course. So have a look at our players guide (with thanks to Giskard.)

    25. Is it possible to mod the game?
    Yes. A full guide will be available soon at TAFN. For now here’s a quick start: open the .pak files from the installation folder of the game using WinRAR and extract them to the same folder. Most files can be opened with a text editor or a graphics viewer. A list with the available file extensions and the programs to open them will be available soon at TAFN. You might also want to play around a little with these editing ‘tools’ which have been released by Pyro Studios. Also, have a look at this thread.

    26. How do I change the hotkeys?
    A guide on how to do this will be available soon at TAFN.

    27. How do I enable blood in the US version of the game?
    The best place to keep track of new mods/patches is the mod files section of the TAFN Downloads dB.

    28. My question isn’t answered in this FAQ. What do I do?
    Look around TAFN. There are trailers, screenshots and more to take a look at. If you still haven't gotten an answer go to the TAFN forums / Eidos forums and ask, we will then add your question to the FAQ. You might also want to check the .pdf manual found in the installation folder of the game. You require to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open this document. It contains a lot more information than the normal manual in the CD case and there is a big chance it will answer your questions.

    If you want to suggest any additions (be it new questions or extra information/corrections for a certain question) to this FAQ, please PM me.

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    Kudos to Vic Flange for being so kind to answer a lot of questions.
    Btw, can any of the mods please change the topic name to "Imperial Glory FAQ"? Thanks.

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    Nice summon of facts allready known sick

    Maybe they can make a sticky of this tread and you could update this on a regular base !

    See ya,

    And yeah, Vic ROCKS

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    Yes, it are all known facts, ofcourse.
    It will help newcomers finding their answers quickly and prevent new topics with the same questions over and over again.

    About making it sticky; good idea!!

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    I went to the fan-site, and noticed something, don't know if it matters, anyway:

    When I use my side-button (4-mouse, I think) It gives me the "Site copyright protected, blah, blah warning) However, I can still freely use my right-mouse button, and Get the link for the images, etc. What's the deal ?

    I'm using Opera browser btw.

    Unrelated, but related to the Opera browser, the front page of the official web-site, you know, the one with flags, it opens fine in IE, right down the middle, the way it should, but in Opera, it is left-aligned, or close to it, not in the middle in any case, is that the browser's fault, or bad html ?

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    I noticed the right mouse button doesn't works too. I will remove it anyway, as people can see the source code with two mouse clicks. And no-one wants to steal any code from my site, it's even worser then if you make a site with frontpage!!
    I'm currently re-doing the site (again) but then it will cover more games by Pyro Studios.

    I can't help you with the official site. I always use IE.

    Thanks for visiting my site!!

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    Posted by Vic Flange in the thread on Railways:

    The timeframe is 1789-1830.


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    ** Will the game feature a multiplayer mode and how can you connect to a game?
    Yes, you can go head-to-head against an unknown number of your friends. You can connect to a game via GameSpy, an IP address and LAN. Pyro Studios is still testing a lot with different gameplay modes. Many things have been thaught of, but its hard to choose which gameplay modes don’t spoil the enjoyment and the management and battle parts of the game. We do know that a cooperation mode is implemented and a campaign mode is not.
    more specifically...

    We do know that a cooperation mode is implemented and a campaign mode is not.
    What is meant by cooperation mode? Joint control over the same army in a battle? Or joint control over an empire in a campaign style game?

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    Thanks for info but one correction. From what I've read during Napoleonic era, the Austrian Empire was called just that; not Austro-Hungarian Empire. It wasn't called Austria-Hungary until 1866 after its defeat by Prussia in the Austro-Prussian war. The Hungarian parliament forced it on Austria after seeing it in its weakened state following this defeat. From then on the Habsburg ruler was crowned King of Hungary as well as Emperor of Austria recognizing Hungary as a kingdom within the empire though ruled over by one sovereign. Just FYI.

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    Thanks for this Information,

    were getting there

    TIG Marshal Dury

    Vive Lémpreur!!!!
    Vive L'empreur Napoleon

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    Ah can't believe it got pushed back to Q3 2005 .

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    Actually it's the 29th of April.
    FAQ update will follow soon.

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    lol i WISH it was Q3 that way they could refine it, to a some what ok game. instead of teh CR@P it is now

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    update the faq to answer all our questions no one has been answering.

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    If I wouldn't have my hand in bandage, typing would go a lot faster. Just be patient, I'm working on it.

    My hand is out of bandage now (had a little accident with sport, nothing's broken.) For a reason I won't update the FAQ just yet. Most of the new information can be found in the interview TAFN did with Pyro Studios lately. Expect an update in 1 or 2 weeks, you'll understand why then.

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    thanks, i look foward to it

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    Update needed

    You should update the TAFN preview to put in the FAQ, & especially you need to update the Sys requierments. This will please everyone for the greater good.
    Nice mods by Berdan at TAFN!

    {Not much Skirmishers action, all need to get full game for now, also need to re-beta test all our mods,will take 1-2 weeks of restructuring our team with getting the game & making sure everything works!}

    Join the Skirmishers at Berdan's Skirmishers
    It's a great team. Also the only active mod team for Imperial Glory!

    Join my Imperial Glory Fansite here:
    Jeffdan9's Imperial Glory Fansite

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    Big Grin

    I see Sick your looking at the future. this is history and has allready been played out, no need to change it, just enjoy.

    If we were there at the time you would not be looking for the future.

    Please do not change what has allready happened.

    I know Its so easy.

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    Your issue is more something for the Bug reporting thread.

    Probably there will not be a Pause & Command option as you asked. There is a question about this:

    How can I command my troops when the game is paused?
    You can’t. Pyro Studios has chosen not to implement this feature because it will slow down the action too much. The good thing is that you’re getting a better strategist, and hey, how are you ever going to win a multiplayer game when you’re used to the Pause & Command option? Just don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

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    i downloaded the thing if it is saying can not find orriginail disk and nothing happend it comes up vorbiss.dll could not be found

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    The file Vorbis.dll is probably missing in the installation folder of your game. Download this file, extract it to the installation folder of your game and see how it works.

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    Last Update:
    4th August 2005
    - Added new question (22.)
    - Fixed some small things in the FAQ
    - Previously updated questions are still highlighted in red because this update comes so short after the previous one

    Previous updates:
    2nd August 2005
    - Numbered the questions
    - Updated a couple of questions (their numbers highlighted in red)

    26th July 2005
    - FAQ has been completely renewed!!

    If you want to suggest any additions (be it new questions or extra information/corrections for a certain question) to this FAQ, please send me a Private Message.

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    Could somebody post a full list of hotkeys? My manual is sorta in dutch

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