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    Private #3

    Ok I said this on another forum, but I'm gonna say it again. What is the deal with pin-up girl #3's Butt. It's just crazy (and very scary). I mean if I'm a grunt and all I have to comfort me is deformed-butt chick I think I'll just give myself over to the NVA to be tortured. (The men MUST have their motivation)

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    p.s. I heard that the release has been pushed back can anyone confirm?

  3. Date pushed back

    Yes, it is true that the game will be pushed back.
    If you do a search on google or any other search engine, you should find all the info you need.
    Gamespot seem to be one of the best places for that sort of information, thats where we get a lot of our information from.
    As for the girl #3, I have to agree with you. What the heck were they thinking? Maybe the artist was drunk or something. Lets just hope it doesn't look that bad when the game is finally released.
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    well on my Gameinformer [july issue] it still says June 2004

  5. Gameinformer is wrong

    If you check it out on ANY game website (which are usually updated daily) you will see that all of them say it is due to be released some time in September. The date that seems to be most frequent is September the 3rd.
    Gameinformer is wrong. Choose a more reliable source for gaming information such as OPS2, or PSM2 next time. These mags have the correct dates in them (unless the date is pushed back later on).
    Also, don't rely on one source. Always check elsewhere such as the internet. The net is far more reliable than magazines could ever be, as it is updated more frequently.