Thread: Please make Final Fantasy like you used too!

Please make Final Fantasy like you used too!

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    Originally Posted by Selo
    Where is the "fantasy" in Final Fantasy?

    The further we go, the more SciFi Steampunk the game becomes. It actually is more like Xenogears then Final Fantasy.

    Another thing i liked about the old FF games was the Active Time Battle system. FF for me has always been a strategic game, not Devil May Cry/God of War:ish buttonmashing game.

    Chrono Cross had the best system, you could avoid enemies, but it also had ATB. (I dont like the RPGs where you character fights and run around all over place during combat though, rather have them standing in line like in FF 1 to 10)

    I want the FF series to go back to its roots, back to Fantasy, focus on the story and not fancy effects and clothes, and return to ATB system.
    Also return the minigames. One thing that was great in FF7 was places like Gold Saucer, Chocobo Stables etc.

    FF6 was the peak together with FF7 and Tactics, then it went slowly downhill. Now its just the name left.

    Kingdom Hearts is their best RPG serie now.
    I've played and own/downloaded every ff I can get my hands on. I would really love to see one come out with the same gameplay as the older ones, ff6 to 10. I enjoyed them when you not only got to play, but also had to think to get to the end. Come on Enix, bring us a new game with the old ways and some of the characters with it. It would be the most awsome game of all time. Too much si-fi and not enough deep involvment. I want the game, that you hated to see it end because it was almost like parting with good friends. Not like that anymore.

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    To all "True FF" ppl I know the battle system and stuff sucks an u want it back the way it was but I guess they wanted something new, mabe they got tired of it? We all need a little change, and sometimes u'll like it if u try it mabe not jus saying but it jus something new and if u don't like it his don't play it.

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    Originally Posted by LightningxGumi

    To all "True FF" ppl I know the battle system and stuff sucks an u want it back the way it was but I guess they wanted something new, mabe they got tired of it? We all need a little change, and sometimes u'll like it if u try it mabe not jus saying but it jus something new and if u don't like it his don't play it.

    Ok, I don't know what part of the peoples posts you don't understand, but I will clairfy, so please read all OK. I have played/downloaded ALL of them that are available to me. I will also CONTINUE to play any new ones that come out as the Final Fantasy games are my personal favorites. I would HOWEVER love to see a new one that goes back to the old ways, and maybe with some of the old characters and gf's/endilons incorporated. It would make for an AWSOME game given the tech, and graphics today. I in no way, shape or form suggested or implied that I was tired of or didn't like the games. So please, get off your highhorse and read the comments before you put in your two cents worth.

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    Originally Posted by LightningxGumi

    To all "True FF" ppl I know the battle system and stuff sucks an u want it back the way it was but I guess they wanted something new, mabe they got tired of it? We all need a little change, and sometimes u'll like it if u try it mabe not jus saying but it jus something new and if u don't like it his don't play it.

    I don't think the battle system is the main concern of any hardcore fan's dismay. I know for many it's the immersive qualities or lack-there-of, the story telling, and exploration that has many people disappointed. I myself am delighted to see the new direction the current battle system has taken, and with a few tweaks and new implementations, I think it could be well suited to nearly everyone.

    Then of course there are many people who believe the latest games in the series are superior to the previous. In my opinion they are not, but these are just my feelings on the matter.

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    It is unfortunate how far away this franchise seems to have strayed from its roots. The problem, as with everything in business, is money. With square-enix's recently abismal sales figures over the last fiscal year, it is disappointing but not surprising to see them trying to head in a different direction with their flagship franchise. With as long as FFIV has been in and out of production, I really begin to wonder what the original design and gameplay choices were. On the note of mysterious projects, what ever happened to Agito XIII for the psp? Did it die with the psp or are they going to bring it to the vita?

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    Originally Posted by RPG Vindicator

    On the note of mysterious projects, what ever happened to Agito XIII for the psp? Did it die with the psp or are they going to bring it to the vita?

    Agito was renamed to FF Type-0 which has yet to be localized outside of Japan.

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    Originally Posted by alanman178
    Originally Posted by Selo

    Bravely Default looks decent, but im not a big fan of the "chibi" character look. Its definatly more FF then FF is today.

    I bet alot of people would buy new games with old style gameplay (top view, world maps, ATB combat, towns) like BoF3, Lufia, FF~6, FF Tactics, Chrono Cross. (not a big fan of the DQ series) All you need to do is make it have clearer graphics.

    You dont need fancy actioncombat, light and explosions everywhere and weird clothes. You need a good story, likeable characters, solid gameplay.

    FF series became great becouse of a reason, but for every FF game, its going further and further away from FF.

    I for one would definatly buy a PS4 if an oldschool JRPG was made for it by a good studio.

    I feel your pain, man. Final Fantasies 1-9 were the titles that had the goods that got me into the series in the first place. Back then it seemed that Squaresoft wanted us to not only enjoy the stories, but to also enjoy the worlds the stories were built into. That's the message I got from them, and that's why I put Squaresoft on such a high pedestal in those days. I can't do that for SE. They're not at the 'bottom' of my list. But, they're not at the 'top' of it either. I've found myself throwing in the older games just to get my FF "fix". I'm longing for the day when I don't have to do that anymore.
    I'm behind you 100per cent, ss had it, se is droppin the ball. Yes, put the Fantasy back in Final Fantasy!!!

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    You know ff7 was one of the most sci-fi of the series.

    Was more so then 10, and is pretty even with 13.

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    I have been waiting for so long for another good rpg game. The last one i have played was FF X and that was 8 years ago, so where is the good rpg games from Square???

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    Originally Posted by imported_alex
    I have been waiting for so long for another good rpg game. The last one i have played was FF X and that was 8 years ago, so where is the good rpg games from Square???
    Play the old school Final Fantasy games. You may not like the graphics but the stories are so great. I recommend FF9 if you havent played it. Or FF7. Both great fun stories and psx graphics. Even older FF4 and FF6 have great stories and gameplay as well as that nostalgic presence. If you really want some great rpgs from SE or (Square) look old school and enjoy

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    You know that FF VI(one of the most beloved FF's) had Magiteck as well as a lot of steampunk based tech in it right?? The fusion of tech and magic has been a big thing, even FF III had elements of technology in it. Currently, FF XIV: RB is the best presentation of FF i have seen thus far, it will contain everything from Magiteck armor to Skyships as well as classic designs brought back for most of the classes. If you've been accepted in the Beta you would know that the Soul of FF is still very much alive. As for the Current XV, it already has things like magiteck, crytsals as well as designs of mosters highly akin to those of FF VII & VIII, apart from the combat system, its pretty much in line with those two in terms os asthetics, and if that isnt considered as having the soul fo final fantasy, I dont know what is. The recent projetc look and feel like the hark back to the old FF days with the necessary progression that comes with each eventual FF game.

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    Where are the true RPGs?

    Well, in all honesty, if you want to talk about "true" RPGs--Square Enix doesn't make true RPGs, and they never have. You have a set protagonist, a set story. No choices there.

    So talking about "true" RPGs is really a meaningless thing to do--with regards to JRPGs.
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    Well, since 'Square' became defunct after the merger with Enix in 2003, the list of RPGs<sub> (other than Japan-only WonderSwan Color rereleases of older titles)</sub> they released after FFX is short:

    <ul>[*]Kingdom Hearts[*]Final Fantasy XI Online[*]Unlimited SaGa[*]Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[*]Final Fantasy X-2[/list]

    (Source: )

    Of course, SquareEnix has released a few RPG titles since then...

    <ul>[*]Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[*]Sword of Mana[*]Drakengard[*]Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[*]Dragon Quest VIII[*]Radiata Stories[*]Romancing SaGa[*]Drakengard 2[*]Grandia III[*]Kingdom Hearts II[*]Children of Mana[*]Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth[*]Final Fantasy XII[*]Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria[*]Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[*]Heroes of Mana[*]Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[*]Odin Sphere[*]The World Ends With You[*]Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[*]Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII[*]Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[*]Infinite Undiscovery[*]Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume[*]The Last Remnant[*]Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[*]Star Ocean: The Last Hope[*]Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[*]Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[*]Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[*]Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[*]Final Fantasy XIII[*]Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep[*]Nier[*]Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[*]Final Fantasy XIV Online[*]The 3rd Birthday[*]Dungeon Siege III[*]Deus Ex: Human Revolution[*]Final Fantasy XIII-2[*]Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[*]Risen 2: Dark Waters[*]Heroes of Ruin[/list]

    (Source: )

    I'm willing to bet you can find one or two of those to qualify as 'good'.

    (Just for the record, that's 48 titles released 1} after FFX came out that 2} were neither ports nor rereleases of existing titles, and were 3} released internationally, not only in Japan.)

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    I always have to suppress a laugh when I read something like this.

    Final Fantasy has one true root: a deep, desperate need to be a successful enough game to keep its developer (and/or publisher) in business.

    Every FF game I've seen so far landed somewhere on a scale that includes both fantasy and non-fantasy elements. You can't include FF VII as part of the 'heyday' of FF titles and ignore the non-fantasy aspects of its setting - the game starts out with a radical element destroying a power plant reactor in a large city that has near-future technology. Your second playable character has a prosthetic hand which is a gun, whose visual design was pretty clearly inspired by the type of character that is epitomized by Mr. T's character on the A-Team. They make their getaway on a train that has a computer which displays a wire-frame model of the city.

    Even FF VI had trains, a sound blaster weapon, bipedal mecha, etc., etc., etc.

    Nevermind the fact that Final Fantasy IV had you going to the moon in a space ship and fighting a giant robot. Giant robots aren't exactly a staple of the fantasy genre.

    Since at least 1994, Final Fantasy has incorporated science fiction elements and settings and as far as I know more recent titles have done little to give the impression that the fantasy elements are being done away with - XIV has Conjurer and Thaumaturge as starting classes, after all. So while Final Fantasy continues to evolve and change, it has definitely not lost its soul, and certainly not in the manner you postulate.

    tl;dr - The Fantasy isn't gone. If you want more Fantasy in your Final Fantasy, play XIV: A Realm Reborn when it drops in less than two months.

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    I think it's easy to see the differences in the game-designs between the 1st 9 titles and everything since. That's why it's easy for me to understand why a lot of people have been upset for the past 12 years. It's simple. Just look at how Final Fantasies 1-9 were developed. Then, look at the fact that they were developed across 3 console generations over a 14-year period. That's a long time. I think the people who are upset have every right to be.

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    If your doing FF13 sequels why not do FF ANTHING ELSE

    FF13.. this series never really hit it home for me. From what I gathered from the community most people generally disliked it. I'm sure some people liked it or there wouldn't be sequels.. But they keep making those sequels. Please just stop. Make a new FF. Is it so much to ask for a new storyline? And if your so hell bent on doing sequels why not do a more popular FF? Like 10 (instead of just a remaster, But yay for that) or less popular or older FF games like Tactics Or 4? Who wouldnt want to see a remake with Cecil right? Just something else. I've seen more hate blogs about 13 then any other FF aside from FF7 fanboy hate blogs (lol people hate fanboys). How are you able to justify proceeding with a series when another series could potentially make you more money and be more popular? Its not like you don't have a huge pile of popular, successful games you could pick from that could be easily remade or sequelled. Don't you remember the hype from fanboys over the possible FF7 remake when they released the PS3. The internet collectively lost it's mind. And now all you do is feed us big spoonfuls of FF13-hallways and games that play themselves.. Honestly its not fun playing with my big toe and watching my character slaughter things while I sit and eat cheetos and hotdogs.
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    I like the XIII games, certainly not the best in the series but still enjoyable for the story. Is there really a bad FF? IMO all of the FF games are good, just some are a lot better than others.

    Going to your point about the SE stock pile of game IPs though, the one thing I would love for them to do would be to remake (not remaster) Xenogears. Xenogears is one of my all time favourite RPGs and I still keep replaying it now on my PSP, would love to see this brought into the modern gaming platforms with stunning visuals and voice acting
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    It's easier for them to make sequels since many assets will be reused.

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    A Big Dreamer

    one day I Decided to play Final Fantasy XIII in a few minutes , suddenly I paused the game and Began to reflect .
    What is it actually is not even final fantasy seem the least bit , and I thought it was another producer and When I looked Esquare enix thought this is really real?
    Where is the great magic que existed in the past , even playing my first FF rpg played in my life is the famous chrono trigger , oh how I remember Those days are eager , it took me five days to finish the game but when i finished playing it was like you assistise the movie , you always wonder if it would have inside the 2 , and he was right in 2000 it was on my playstation I dreaming again and thought it Could not be true , now today I wonder how a great player . .
    Square Soft you still there ?
    For my dream was always to your imagination .
    you are making the mistake of same- capcom , not listen to what the fans want most. And now estam is redeeming and chasing dreams again , look into your past you was wonderful , just ask me .. make me a radical Dreamer

    Expect to read my letter , for I will be loyal and good Representing all players from all over the world , so think of it!

    watch and reflect (

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    Square Enix once promised Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX remakes
    – way back, once upon a time, Square Enix promised a full on updated remake of Final Fantasies VII – IX, that would have been completely done up with graphical and audio enhancements that befit the PlayStation 2 system it would have graced.

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    I think it's important for SE to remake the older games because, it appears that they're not interested in making newer titles with the older template in mind. The online games aren't bad, but the monthly fees are a huge turn-off to many people. Some of them just simply can't afford those fees. Others are just not into the whole "MMORPG" thing.

    The older titles by "Squaresoft"(the SS games before FF10) were the stepping-stones to SE's success. Those games had a strong sense of "balance" to them. Personally, I just don't see that these days. I don't think the games are "bad". There's just this "void" there where some of the great ideas used to be. SE still does a good job with their new ideas. It's the "approach"(before the development starts) that many aren't liking. If they're going to remain focused on "creating a new genre", then they really need to squeeze in some remakes for the older fans who love the older games. There are a lot of us who are ready to spend our hard-earned cash on these games.

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    Let's begin somewhere... I am real gamer since a long time (joined the computer games in the good old C16-C64 ages and followed by Amiga, etc...).

    I have played all the Final Fantasy releases and sadly nowadays they are nothing but eye-candy games. I was very dissappointed after I have played Dissidia on psp, but mainly after I realised that the money was a complete waste on FFXIII on ps3...
    Where are the customisations on characters, the regular level up, magic and skill development, where are the secrets, where are the dungeons, the villages, the world map? Have you ever played your latest games Square? Are you satisfied with them, enjoyed them for more than 5 minutes? If you follow this tendency then you will loose all real followers. I understand that you wanted to reach more people by making your games stupid proof. You shouldn't follow the world's tendency but if you do then do it with only the half of your developers while the others can focus on real Final Fantasy games.

    Personally I think that your worst step was to release Nobuo Uematsu. Since he left the Final Fantasy series died. I have laughed and screamed at the same time when I heard the rock genre tracks in the game. The other New Age genre tracks are just imitating emotions. Where are the emotional moments, the big meanings behind things, the feeling what made us to keep the controllers in our palms to play over nights. If you do not do something in the future to keep us happy then I must gather a team to make similar games to the old Final Fantasy episodes what the real gamers loved so much.

    Please take these seriously and let's turn the tide. You can do lightyears better games.
    So are you ready to make another non-MMO, non versus, not FFXIII like linear but story oriented and real Final Fantasy game?
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    Dissidia and Theatrhythm were made to introduce Final Fantasy to a new generation of fans
    “When you ask kids in their teens about their favorite Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Dissidia are more popular than the main-numbered series,” says producer Ichiro Hazama.

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    Hi my name is Claude Leblanc ..I have been a Fan of your RPG's since i Played Final Fantasy 3 on SNES..I used to be so happy with everything in the games from the Music to the Story Character Designs and even the graphics ...Even if they where not Photo Realistic like Today's Graphics.. Those games like The real FF series and Chrono Series and Xenogears ect ect ...Nowadays i go and buy FF13 or 13-2 and i am like WHY WILL I NEVER GET MY FINAL FANTASY BACK?? ...It seems like the Devs have gotten sloppy because i know every Final Fantasy Story from Beginning to end and could write it as a book ...But since X (10) I find the games lost the story that made it so great ...I could give you a story that would make all Final Fantasy games after 9 a Blooper ...And of course i would help for free just to get my old game feeling back ...I mean you own Characters like Squal ,Cloud and Sabin ect that used to be the Dominators of the Video Game Industry ...Now you have A Pink Haired girl that is always making weird sounds like she is doing something dirty and is really not cool or a Little Boy with white hair that should be Called Generic lol What happened i want to help you make cool games again please respond so we can talk some more about what could be done ..I do not want the best games in History become the Worst ...Please don't think i am a troll or a crazy guy lol I am serious ...

    Why not just make a Final Fantasy that jumps from one game to another ...Here is what Final Fantasy could be ...You could have all of the game worlds from Final Fantasy in 1 Game ...And all of the main Characters ..Imagine a Party of Squall and Cloud and Zidane ...Vs a Party of Sephiroth ,Kefka .And Seifer ....And of course the Materia System ...And a new Battle system would be nice ...At least do like Bioware did for Dragon Age 2 ...And please no more girly Music ...WHERE IS THE MUSIC I USED TO LOVE FROM THE OTHER GAMES?? PS3 has Blue Ray and can support games up to 50GB why is nobody taking advantage of it? People ask for FF7 remake and FF8 remake ..Give them a sequel to all of em in 1 game ...Graphics are not everything is one thing people should notice ...Specially in RPG's The story and characters is what is Important ...Anyways ..I am probably not the first one to try and save his favorite rpg games ..And i will probably be ignored or hated by people that did not get to enjoy FF6 and Chrono Cross when they where cool ...But hey if you can take 1 thing out of what i said to make a cool rpg again i am happy

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    People are angry enough about sequels (like X-2/IV: The After Years/XIII-2/Lightning Returns) and as far as the FFXIV ARR Lightning Returns cross-over? Most people seemed to be way angry over that one too.
    I'm not saying I hate your idea. I'm only saying you're a minority, and that SE likely knows that an idea like yours is amazing but couldn't be done without wrecking a large portion of their fan base.

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