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Gone Gold?

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    Big Grin Gone Gold?

    Ive been waiting for this game for about 3 months now.(saw a preview in a magazine and was in awe about it. I work at eb games and daily I check to see if the date is still the same, 6/29/04. so excited, But I am curious as to if its officially gone gold yet?

    Also just a couple questions. Ballparking the answer, about how many hours of gameplay would you say will this game have, and whats the replayability of it?


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    Well it doesn't come out until September now, you know, since it's a better "seller's market" Lol I wish Eidos had some sense in them, and they would relize that the people buying the game, will buy it whenever it comes out, if they released it June 29th like they were going to, it would do better than if it came out in September, simply because the hardcore fans would of already had it and loved it, so more and more people would be getting the game constantly until Christmas, where EVEN MORE people would buy it, making millions for Eidos.

    But because Eidos obviously doesn't know what theyre doing, they'll be out of business in a few years.

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    we can only hope

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    Well, they should at least give us a demo/demos or something now to tide us over.

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    surprised they picked september especially when star wars is going to be released on the 22nd

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    I think they have a little more competition to worry about than just Star Wars (check out the "September?!?!?!!??" thread).

    Also (maybe a stupid question, but) where would they release the demo if they did. (I'm sure it would be posted here eventually but, ... well I'm bored)