Thread: interaction, forcing people to hand over loot

interaction, forcing people to hand over loot

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    interaction, forcing people to hand over loot

    Hints in the game as a level loads tell you that you can threaten people and force them to give you loot or something ... how ??

    any other things as far as interaction goes that I may not know about ??


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    Hmm, i havent's seen that tip [prolly cuz loadings go very fast] but i finished the game, and i havent interacted in that way with no-one.

    Im curious too . Maybe someone knows and helps us.

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    all ya have to do is flash a weapon while they can see you, and they'll drop their loot (and run away).

    the obvious drawback being they run to get a guard.

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    Heh, that happened to me a few times, but i didn't know that the tips were refering to that .


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    I was pretty surprised when I accidently brandished my dagger and scared the purse off someone. As for other interactions, I didn't notice too much except people getting irritated when you get too close, and that when you got too close to the ladies, sometimes they'll tell you to watch those hands, mister. Another comment from the townsfolk that I got a giggle out of was, "Oh, what's with the cloak?"

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    no, no! It was the hood! "What's with the hood?" Heh.

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    I feel so inadequeate. When I first tried this I missed the part about the NPC HAVING loot in the first place...

    I walk up, whip out my dagger, and she looks at me and says.....
    "What are you supposed to do with that?"

    I was crushed.