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FFXIV: Black Screen

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    FFXIV: Black Screen

    I play the game in Fullscreen Mode, but when I Alt+Tab to look at something on the web, the screen goes black and I am unable to do anything, forcing me to hard reset. Anyone know why this is happening?

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    Nur ein Schwarzes bild

    HI ich habe denn grundig led tv vision aber jedesmal wenn ich das spiel uber die ps3 starte kommt ein schwarzes bild nur die melodie ist zu horen , bei einem freund an seinem flat ging es einwanfrei ,liegt das am tv gerät ? ich wäre über hilfe erfreut

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    Moin, such lieber HIER nach Hilfe, dieses Forum ist quasi support-tot

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    black screen help

    i installed the game on my g75vx and when i clicked on it to open the file it brought me to a black screen not allowing me to go any farther.

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    have you run it with admin rights

    right click on exe and run has admin

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    ya i tried but every time i do it its just a black screen

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    figured it out but dont no how i did it

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    final fantasy xiv problem scrip error

    okay so I buy reborn and take it home and pop in the disc down load it double click the short cut . the window pop ups is black and I get script error 4 times what should I do and what maybe wrong ? plz and thanks
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    Blackscreen Launcher FFXIV - Picture Inside

    I've booted up FFXIV:ARR on Steam (PC) and got this Launcher Problem:

    While look through the internet i've tried following fixes:

    - Reverting back to IE 9 (Deleting Internet Explorer Updates)
    - Clearing Cache for IE
    - Adding Square enix and ffxiv to trusted sites
    - Setting Security Options to low in IE
    - Making sure neither Firewall nor Antivirus is blocking the launcher
    - Updated Java
    - Started as Adminstrator
    - Reverted IE Options to Standard
    - Disabled Firewall and Antiviruses
    - Reinstalling/Redownloading FFXIV
    - Restarting the Computer several times
    - Rebooting the Game several times
    - Activate Active Scripting in IE

    Nothing helped, any solutions i haven't tried yet?

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    contacting customer support or tech support (probably tech support, if there is one). I'd also make sure I send them this list of what you've tried as well.