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Stuck in Garret's house

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    Question Stuck in Garret's house

    I'm at the part where you need to search Garret's house for clues because of that note you found in that one fences house. I went into my room and the was a Keeper dude so i killed him and there was another body on the floor of some guy in a hood that the Keeper probaly killed. I searched the whole building and i don't know what to do or where to go.


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    Help on the way *spoiler* (sort of)

    The note you're looking for is in your practice room (with the creepy dummy hanging from the ceiling) on a little bookshelf thingy....or it might have been a table.....anyway, it's in that room on the left as you enter the room.

    I had trouble finding that taffin' note, too.
    "These.....taffers.... don't have any respect for such....beautiful things!"

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    Thanks Benny I'll try it out
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