Thread: My game was deleted!

My game was deleted!

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    My game was deleted!

    Thank goodness I was routinely saving the game in two slots but the other slot was immediately after the keeprs read the book and my other one was halfway through the clocktower AFTER spending about an hour going back and robbing the city again/selling loot from the last mission.

    When I tried to save the game, it crashed to the desktop. When I tried to restart the game I got the message to insert the original Thief DS CD instead of a backup which is nuts because I am using an official Thief DS CD so I restarted my PC and it let me into the game but the game I had been playing was whiped out.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to recover it??

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    I was in the middle of the clock tower, saved and it crashed to desktop. It also wiped out that save what kind of bull is this??? Is there a way to get this save back? I saw something about a clocktower in the save directory but not sure if that is my save or what, any help?

    -edit, the save i would need is at the beggining of the clock tower if anyone has it thanks

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    Can anyone help us?

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    Not sure if it will help but try and delete the SaveIndex.ion back it up 1st. I use different OS's and I used the same save games it did not like or would see the new saved games but I did get it to work by deleteing the saveindex.ion file. Then it saw all the saves..