Thread: Computer Restarts During Thief !!!!

Computer Restarts During Thief !!!!

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    Computer Restarts During Thief !!!!

    I thought it was a worm at first...and yeah, maybe it is. But ive run my virus scan a couple million times and whatever WAS there is now definately gone..Yet i still get fatal CTDs in thief followed by instant, cold-restarts

    so....there could not be any way of slapping an aspiring thief player in the face more than this. Well, aside from the fact that i accidentally deleted my quicksave game thanks to the quirky save load "do you want to" confirmation menu and how it looks EXACTLY the same for both the loading and deleting hardly notice it on the fly.

    Anyway, aside from that, this restart bug is BEYOND annoying. Can anyone suggest whether this is a thief issue, or if the Worm virus is still around on my comp, and if so how do i get rid of it.

    Ok.. thanks

    BTW i have a radeon 9800 non pro flashed to pro and im using the Catty 4.4s

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    Can you help us by providing more details mate?

    What is your OS, RAM, CPU, etc? Secondly, what is a CTD?

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    Originally posted by Kokopelli

    Can you help us by providing more details mate?

    What is your OS, RAM, CPU, etc? Secondly, what is a CTD?

    CTD = Crash to Desktop

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    Originally posted by Neutrino64
    CTD = Crash to Desktop

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    TDS on rare ocasion CDTs on me. Never does Crash and restart whole 'puter tho. Sme games do that tho.

    I could never run Halo without a random Cash&restart. I got the feeling it's the temperature... mostly cuz i watch the computer temp when such crashes occur and b'cuz if you restart the game immideatly after it crashes, you'r bound to a second crash in no time flat. But if you wait a while (for it too cool down) you can play for longer periods again.

    That's no exact science tho. It's mostly conjecture and speculation. It's hardly software or hardware in my case, cuz the same symptomshave occured with various drivers and even diferent hardware (in my case PSU, Graphic card and RAM)

    Things went smoother after i got my new PSU. It's got more juice in it. (i thought about getting this one cuz my old mobo went dead on me so i had to buy a new one) I thought the new mobo had higher consumption and i also have more HDD's on the case. Well as I said.. it did improve...a bit.

    Then the Ram and AGP... aside from the overall system improvement regarding games, it did nothing to help or worsen the problems (with halo for instance) so I scratched those 2 components as the cause (either the old or the new)

    Then I also went to the trouble of removing every lil bit of dust inside mty case, inculding between the heatsink and cooler. average temp went down 10degrees in idle.

    A few settigns in the BIOS can also help out. One of the things that (as far as i know) cause most problems is the video and system cacheable/shadow options... disable those.

    Also never forget to shut down every lil darn app that running in the background and all Istant messaging apps.

    Well, some of these things helped me alot, it might help you too or not at all. I do not know how computer savvy you areexactly... just bear in mind that messing with some stuff may dmg your rig.

    Remeber the typical steps.

    1st- Have all your pc checked for viruses and defrag it once a mounth or 2 mounths.

    2nd-Make sure all your drivers and Dx are up to date. Also make sure the drivers are the appropriate ones

    3rd-Whenever the system crashes check the temperature on the CPU. If it's dangerously high, you might be onto something there.
    (my AMD 2000XP is around 57 to 60 degrees celsius in the software monitor that comes with the mobo, but the bios temp monitor shows around 67 to 70 degrees celsius...i tend to believe the bios monitor). Solution is play in intervls like i sometimes do or get a better cooler Dont forget to check the heatsink and cooler for dust piles. If there's alot fo dust clean it up (i'd sugest a compressed air can and a vaccum cleaner so you dont have to remove or even touch anything... that's the brain of your rig yer messing with)

    4th-A bad or a weak PSU (Power Source Unit) can also cause such problems and the AGP card tried to drink mroe juice, and the PSU can't cope with the AGP's appetite..the result is the AGP doesn't get enough power and stops working.

    5th-well if your OS is faulty here and there with missing or corrupt files, virus induced damage to files, the harddrive and registry cloged up with useless junk... you might wanna try salvage it, but i reccomend a clean isntall if possible... i need one myself btw.

    Well if the problem is just with TDS it might be something simple as a bad install or driver or something. But, if like me, you had this sorta thing happening in other games.. then you might wanna try some of these out and research more on that on the internet.

    Hope it helped more than it harmed. Beware that I cannot say for sure of your issue in particular... i simply mentioned something similar that happened to me and how i fixed it/improved it.


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    I don't have the problem with thief, but since we have some tech experts handy thought I'd throw my problem out there in the hopes of finding a solution.

    I've been having a running problem with random restarts, the same programs tend to cause it as well and its not the ones you would think.

    Running a P4 2.4, Radeon 9800 Pro (128mb), with a gig of ram and an ABIT SA7 Mobo on XP with a brand new 450 W Power Supply.

    I dont think its a heating issue because I can play Thief 3, UT2k4, or Lineage 2 with max settings no problem but things like closing Team Speak by clicking the X in the top right will almost always cause me to restart. Certain programs like Gunbound also have the same effect though at more random (and thus more annoying) intervals.

    Don't think it could be a power supply issue because I just upgraded my powersupply and I had the problem both before and after.

    My disk is defragged and my drivers/dx are up to date.

    Anything aside from an OS issue that could cause random restarts? Any way of checking/fixing these problems without formatting?


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    Bad or defective ram can cause random crashes.

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    Not a random crash but a random restart. Would ram do that as well?

    My computer turns off then starts booting up.

    Its also accompanied by a strange "hollow metalic" (first click as it shuts off, second as it starts back up). I've also heard the sound once or twice and winced only to have my computer stay on so...

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    Re: Computer Restarts During Thief !!!!

    Hay Mr.Kadish12

    I too have kinda the same problem yet mine does not CTD it just slows and then black screen and I have to reboot. It does the same on two computers so I am starting to think it's the game because it's the only game of mine that does it.

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    Yo i've got the EXACT same computer u have , Fossa .

    2.4 ghz P4, Radeon 9800 and 1GB Ram

    Im getting the same restart problems at random times, and not always thief related...sometimes other proggies.

    I just notice it in thief more than others.

    I think this may be a sofware issue more than a hardware one.

    Lets put our heads 2gether to fix it

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    I'm stumped at this point, leaning towards an OS related problem.

    At first I was certain it was the power supply, but I upgraded to a 450w (with adequate supply on all three rails) and it still happened.

    Thought it was a heating issue so I took off the side panels of my case and have a 12" fan blowing through the case, that did nothing either.

    As far as bad ram goes, its two new (at time of purchase) kingston 512 meg sticks and I was under the impression kingston is good stuff, no?

    Anyone have any tips on what to check/try to fix?

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    Originally posted by Fossa
    Not a random crash but a random restart. Would ram do that as well?

    My computer turns off then starts booting up.

    Its also accompanied by a strange "hollow metalic" (first click as it shuts off, second as it starts back up). I've also heard the sound once or twice and winced only to have my computer stay on so...
    I believe your clicking is the harddrive and the way you are describing it for a harddrive is normal. My computer has done the same thing at times and that is the only time it makes the same click. Now I don't stay in XP much I use Win2003server there are some 3rd party software out there that will make it reboot the same way you said. So if it is just those two programs try updating them. Now if it does it anytime no matter what you are running then try some other ram if you have it. I don't think it's your ram or PSU.

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    Couple similarities I'm noticing on my system (2.4 Ghz P4, Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb, 1 gig RAM, Win XP Pro).

    1. The stock 9800 has a kinda crappy cooling system. I tried overclocking mine (not much, by hardcore techie standards) and it didn't take long to get black screen / hang / reboot (while in T DS). Sometimes I needed to boot manually, sometimes it did it on its own. You didn't mention overclocking, but I'm wondering if flashing your card without appropriate modifications to cooling and power is causing a problem.

    2. This HAS to be concidence, but... I was crashing to desktop every 10 - 15 minutes at first. It was *almost* reproduceable there for a while... would happen after a load in a particular area of the game. It occured to me that I had similar problems when I replayed Thief 1 a few months ago. I have a hyperthreading system and Thief 1 couldn't handle it, so I applied a recommended fix to solve the problem. I tried it with T : DS and lo and behold I haven't crashed since. Funny thing is this was a TEMPORARY change. Sooooo I dunno what, exactly, solved my problem.

    At any rate, if you're using Win XP and have a hyperthreading system then you might wanna try the following on the off-chance that it'll help (*shrug*):

    a) Toggle out of game (Alt-Enter to enter windowed mode, then you have access to your desktop etc);

    b) Bring up the Task Manager;

    c) Right-click on the Thief process (there are 2 running. I didn't bother seeing which was which, I applied the "fix" to both)

    d) Select "Set Affinity.." from the popup menu;

    e) De-select CPU 2.

    As I said, that's a temporary fix as you'd have to repeat it every time you restart the game. If it DOES solve your problem then there are ways to make the change permanent via the MS Compatibility Toolkit.


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    I have overclocked my card ,yes.

    Quite a bit. However it uses the old samsung memory chips which are extremely heat resistant meaning its a good card for softmodding. I managed to clock it up as high as 400 / 340 which is actually ABOVE the clock speeds of even a pro card, even though it is only technically a non pro.

    I have no crashes in any other games, and no other games Far Cry included have caused my comp to restart like these, even while i had them on max details.

    So basically, if it's cus of the overclocking then why does only Thief cause it?

    Anyhoo...Im running a cracked version of Xp Pro so mebbe there's a conflict that im not aware of. I have the SP 1 though and ive got many other patches. The way I see it, the crashes and restarts occur most frequently when i try to click on the thief executable or at random times during the game and often at area transition points. When a restart of this nature occurs, my computer will continue to restart in an endless loop UNLESS i allow disk check to run completely thoguh its paces...

    Weird, no?

    Umm, and also, whats up with the sluggish and breaky / poor Frame rate?

    I mean, i was running far Cry ( a much more technically advanced game) at 1024 768 with 2X AA and FULL settings and recieving much, much better frame rates than i am seeing out of Deadly Shadows.

    Yeesh...I had the same problem with Deus Ex invisible war, which leads me to believe that this engine is just a piece of crap. Basically, it seems to be VERY cpu or gpu intensive,. or both, and it is not optimized at all...

    I know theres alot of shadows, but big deal..the fill rate on my card is pretty respectable, and i hear ppl using old Nvidia TI cards say they can pump better FPS in the DX2 / Thief:TDS games than I can with my superior GPU tech..

    very annoying.

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    I'm having no problems with framerate. However several posts have been made regarding turning off VSynch. That was the first thing I did before I started playing. My driver AA and AF settings are set to Application Preference and I have 3x sampling in game (it does get choppy when I'm set at 4x).


    P.S. Back on the subject of your reboots - if you can't get back in without letting XP go through the checkdisk, it sounds to me like a) (obviously) you're getting disk corruption, or b) it could still be overheating and the check is giving your card enough time to cool down before being stressed again.

    If you power off for a couple minutes when that happens, do you still have to run through the check before it'll boot up properly?