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Thread: FFXIV: Login Issues

FFXIV: Login Issues

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    FFXIV: Login Issues

    Discuss and help each other out with login issues here in this thread.
    However, if you still cannot find a solution to your problem then contact customer support.


    Connection errors on a PS4

    1)Perform a connectivity test on your PlayStation®4
    Test to see whether your PlayStation®4 is properly connected to the network.
    From the home menu, select "Settings" > "Network Settings" > "Internet Connectivity Test" to perform the test.

    2)Perform a system update on your PlayStation®4
    Perform the most recent system update and then try a version update for "FFXIV: ARR"
    The update can be performed from the home menu by selecting [Settings] > [System Update] > [Update via Internet]

    3)Restart communication equipment
    Turn off the power of your communication equipment for 30 minutes to an hour.
    Unnecessary data accumulated on the equipment will be initialized, possibly allowing for smoother transmission.

    4)Update firmware of communication equipment
    Update your "firmware," the program running your communication equipment.
    If firmware is outdated, your communication equipment may not function properly, so please update your firmware before trying the version update again.
    Consult with the help manual when updating firmware. Also, even if your firmware is up to date, rewriting it may improve the situation.
    For details, please consult with the manufacturer of your router.

    5)Check security services of your internet provider
    Depending on your internet provider or service plan, there may be security services included.
    Please confirm that these security services permit online gaming.

    6)Remove routers
    In order to diagnose the issue, remove routers and hubs temporarily.
    *This may change your connection to a broadband connection. Please consult with your provider for connection settings.

    7)Check router settings
    Check the settings of security functions (such as SPI) for your router.
    Also, use a port that can be used for the game.

    8)Use a LAN cable and not wireless connection.

    Just bought final fantasy XIV, registered online with square-enix. confirmed it, then added the serial code of FFXIV. Everytime I try to login it says my id or password is incorrect, even though i have logged into se website multiple times. I talked to the SE rep and he just said he couldnt find my username in the system, what do I do?
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    i just bought ff14 and havent even got an order conformation email, how long did it take before you got yours?

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    Just wondering if you used the right code. There are 2 codes included in your game case, one is on a flimsy small rectangular sheet of black and red paper labled "Product registration code". This code is used to register your game with your members account to get reward points. The second code is the one you need to activate the game and it is located on the back of the instruction manual. To enter this code you need to go to the "square enix account management" website, let me know if you need help finding it, still takes me a while to get there. I forget if they require you to create an account there or use your existing one as both of mine are the same, but the account you use there will be the one you log into the game with.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am having this EXACT same issue.

    I bought FFXIV as a digital download, got the e-mails, registered it. Downloaded, installed and patched them game. During this time I have logged in to Square Enix website NUMEROUS times.

    When logging in to FFXIV, I keep getting the "incorrect username or password" message.

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    im getting the same problem, I cant play the game as of last night just buying it. The system square enix uses is absolute garbage. I have NEVER had this much trouble or greif from any other place like this, its unbeleivable

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    Yesterday a buy This Game, i have the game registrated in my Account and is all Ready (I Think).

    When I Open the FFXIV, and put my Account ID (Lacryma) and Password, always said me:

    I don't understand why, I can log in here, in the Forum and Web with the same information, but i cant play

    Please i need help, and sorry for my English.

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    I'm having a whole heep of issues myself. I bought the game yesterday and thought I had created my square enix account which I did because it says I'm logged in, but I can't register my game (Which I bought from gamestop) or log in to the customer support page or the lodestone page because everytime I enter my account name and password hitting enter or clicking submit does absolutely nothing it just acts like it's loading a new page then pops right back up to the log in screen with all my info still entered. So I thought I needed to make another account for those sites but when I click create new account whenever I get to the date of birth section and enter my birthday when I click submit or hit enter once again nothing happens but it's more like the submit button doesn't even work. I can't even register my game that I bought as a digital download from gamestop to my account because the registeration only has 4 slots to enter numbers/letters whereas my product key needs 5.

    Seriously WTF is going on?!

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    The one thing that I can answer here is that a product key is different than a Square Enix Members registration code, which (as I've mentioned in at least one other topic) is only available in physical boxed copies of FFXIV or any other Square Enix game. Instead, a product key is used to register your game for specific account purposes.

    (I'm going off of general MMO knowledge here since I have no experience whatsoever with XIV.)

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    Yeah even though I wasn't able to really find that specificly I did get the jist after hours of researching that simply logging in through the FF XIV launcher would (Supposedly) somehow just work, but I still can not log into my account or create a square enix account (I read somewhere else that this site is a square members account or something like that) because everytime I put in my password (Which I do with 100% certainty put in correctly and have changed around 7 tiimes now because once again I've heard you should reset your password and try again) it says incorrect password or it sends me to a page saying the site is under maintenance (Which according to the maintenance schedulate it is not until the 31st I believe). I have also tried waiting for a couple hours and trying to re-enter the password (Once again perfect letter for letter and number for number) and the issue persists. I am beginning to think square enix simply doesn't want people playing FF XIV because I have found numerous forum threads that have been locked from people having similar issues as my own as well as people posting on the internet their conversations with customer support where the support telling them to try (Repeatedly) resetting the password even though they know it is having no affect whatsoever or basically to p*** off. I've sent an email myself, but I don't expect to hear from them until at least tuesday if even that. I intend to call as well but this is a ridiculous hassle for ANY game.

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    Oh yeah and the square enix account setup is messed up because whenever I go to submit my birthdate and click submit the submit button does not work at all I mean the mouse doesn't even change to the little finger deal and instead changes to the straight line you use when selecting words to copy.

    Edit: And I've tried using multiple browers: Firefox, chrome, IE. I've tried every advice I could find on the internet and no solution.

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    Okay my problem is fixed I'll leave what I did here so maybe you can try and hopefully it fix your issue as well. I created a new accoun (3 times) after creating my third account I left my pc I didn't touch it for about 2 or 3 hours when I came back I figured what the heck I'll try that new third account and it worked somehow. I think if you enter your password in wrong even once by mistake it completely blocks that account from doing ANYTHING that might not be the issue but I never got an incorrect password pop up with my third account and I made absolutely certain my first time using my password to put in in 100% correct. Square Enix having to spend almost 2 days researching this issue and creating 3 different account is absolutely ridiculous... just saying...

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    So I purchased FFXIV today and completed the download as well as created my Square Enix account. Now its telling me my Square Enix account password is wrong. Ive updated it multiple times and checked to make sure I have the right Square Enix ID but still no luck.

    Anyone else have this problem or an idea on how to fix it?

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    I'm having the same issue.

    I was thinking that maybe i was missing something or forgot the password ive been using for 5 years on other accounts lol.

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    Kind of irritating because I know the passwords I have been using are ones I have for a long time. Im not sure whats up but Im about to email Square Enix and ask for my money back.

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    I would recommend going through our Support Center to work through this issue.

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    Robert, Ive tried and I havnt gotten a response. I ended up buying another copy and trying to create another account and am stil getting the same issue. Im getting quite frustrated to the point I just want my money back and wont come back to another Square Enix game.

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    Sent you a message regarding your issue.

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    I am having the same issue. My old account it seems has been deleted, not too suprised I hadnt used it since a few months after the launch of FFXIV. Recently decided to try and give it another shot so reinstalled, created this brand new account and am getting the same issue in the launcher.

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    why dont you guys post that message on the forums seeing as tons of people are having this problem...

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    I made a Square Enix account using THIS site about 1 week ago and recently purchased FFXIV which arrived today. After installation and patching I tried to login using my Square Enix account but it didn't work. I tried accessing account management and it also did not recognize my Square Enix account. I am able to login to this site endlessly, however, and can't figure out why my account wont work with FFXIV or the Square Enix Account Management System. Any ideas?

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    it says my square enix ID is invalid, is the square enixx Id your Nickname? if not, where is it??

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    Your [Display Name]/nickname is not your [Square Enix ID]. The name you use to log in on your [SQUARE ENIX ACCOUNT] is your [Square Enix ID].

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    Final Fantasy 14 login

    I tried logging in to the site to access forums and what not but it says my password is incorrect which is crazy because it's the same login I use here any ideas?

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    I have spent the last hour trying to get in myself. Changed my password and been through the support topics trying to find a solution but I can't get access.

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    If you're having trouble, contact the Support Center directly, hopefully they can walk you through it:

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