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Thread: Cheats?!?


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    I have played the demo to make sure that it works on my hardware but, even though the demo works well, it is mindlessly easy and I was unsure about the full (more complex?) game holding my interest all the way through. And I admit that I was in here looking for "tweaks and CHEATS" to bypass levels or unexpected difficulties or just plain BORING parts of the game (if any.)

    Halleluiah! I have finally seen the light!

    I want to thank all of you manly STUDS for your wise council.

    I am going out IMMEDIATELY to search out this game at FULL RETAIL (none of this childish shopping for a discount "cheating" for me, by god!)

    I realize, now, that cheating is for cowards and lady boys. In fact I see finally that anyone who even SAVES the game on their own (out of FEAR of having to reload from the BEGINNING of the game) is a simpering slack-jawed sissy with braids.

    I see now that SAVING is the "gateway" cheat that leads to all others.
    I only wish that Eidos could distribute the game electronically with a password so that anyone caught saving a game could be stopped from playing with it!

    I hope now that I may be forgiven for my past gaming sins and my childish view of video games as "relaxing" entertainment. I realize now that I must "BEAT" the video game like a real man and not simply "PLAY" with it like a thumb sucking child.

    Thank god I have discovered this thread in time to save my honor!
    Now where are my combat boots and camo? (spits on the rug, curses his wife and lights a stale wet cigar)

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    Some of you are to You will lie,cheat and steal in real life but in a GAME (did ya get that word GAME) you have to bash, trash anyone that says the word cheat. What do you pat yourself on the back for getting through a GAME with out cheating? WOW you da man. I do like to cheat in some games but man this one is so lame all you have to do if it gets hard is RUN. I'm the flash it seems no one can out run me.

    And if don't like cheating (lol) then why are you here? Riiiiiiiight you really just wanted everyone to know you don't cheat. I think maybe your hoping to find a cheat lol. And why is it there's always someone that believes they have the right to tell others who BOUGHT there game just how they should be doing things with a GAME.

    all of that just to say IT"S JUST A GAME!

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    bleh, I wish I could find a go back a mission cheat. My Shalebridge mission is bugged and I don't have any other savegames :\

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    I'm waiting for a money cheat and yes I’m a scoundrel! I even killed that sweet little kitty in the training mission.

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    *edit: edited post for spoilers, please be courteous, thanks!

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    Re: Cheats?!?

    Originally posted by delimastah
    is there any cheats or any like in DX:IW edit the .ini files? how?
    any console?
    Careful, the no-cheat purist will start a witchhunt on you!

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    Thanks for posting a ton of spoilers in a non-spoiler thread, without even using the spoiler function

    *edited out spoilers from post

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    formatted and forgot to backup my save game files now I have to start all over.

    damn damn

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    Thief has never been a game that I would even WANT to cheat in. Why play on God mode if there were such a thing? Eidos has been kind enough to let us save WHENEVER we want and that is all I want.

    A money cheat might be kinda cool, but I wouldn't even try it out until I have finished the game as it was intended...cheat-free.

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    Come now! Don't you see that SAVING is the "gateway" cheat that leads to all of the other perverse game evils that gamers are prey to. Thank God I have seen the light.

    Repent brother while there is still time!

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    I formatted! (see my above post)



    I formatted the entire hd. Does it burn data to the disk?!

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    Given the slightest chance evil will have it's way!

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    does anyone have an answer to my question above?

    How is TDS saving the spots even after I formatted my drive?

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    I don't know any cheats, but a good place to check later on would be They don't have any cheats for thief3, but may in the future. They update cheats whenever they come out for a game. It's better than or by far. No ads, and really easy to use. Pretty straightforward.

    I want cheats too.

    Yes, I cheat. >=D

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    Crash resistant, are you sure you formatted ? Define format.

    If you reloaded windows from inside the GUI, you did not format.
    You replaced system files.

    *Incoming run on sentence*

    If you loaded 2k or xp and deleted the partitions from a really ugly blue back ground screen with grey text and and then recreated the partition and formated with NTFS or FAT32, and then after a 15 minute reload of OS files, and 20 minute reinstall of drivers and an additional 30 minutes download of windows updates, then you did do a format and if your stuff is still there, then we need to call x files to your house to look at your pc.

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