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    Bugs and fixes. NO QUESTIONS PLEASE

    Post BUGS here:

    Official patches

    AI Bug

    This thread for FIXES Only

    Here is a link to ION that has solutions for some bugs. I will post others as they appear.


    Link to TTLG Tweaks and fixes:
    Please! No questions here.


    Make a backup of the original file. The easy way is to:
    Rename the original to XXX.OLD.
    Open the renamed file in NOTEPAD.
    Edit the NOTEPAD FILE.
    SAVE THE EDITED FILE WITH SAVEAS, Use the original file name (XXX.INI) for example.
    You will now have XXX.INI and XXX.OLD in the folder. If your change does not work or causes additional problems just bring the OLD file back into NOTEPAD, then SAVE it with SAVEAS (original name) and it will overwrite your edited file back to normal.

    You might also "FORCE" a restore point. Open Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance Upper left of screen RESTORE.

    If you manually make a RESTORE POINT before you make major changes, you can call this point back to reset your system
    Drivers and Software Updates

    You may find help with hardware or device driver problems on one of the websites maintained by the supplier, some of which are listed below:

    3D Labs
    ATI Technologies
    Creative Labs
    Microsoft DirectX

    More information is available from Eidos' technical support web sites:

    United Kingdom:
    United States
    and North America:

    Further technical information and drivers for Windows computers can be found at
    Use Task Manager to stop any app listed.

    Use Disc Cleaner from the Accessories menu and clean your system. Kill screensavers and any active Virus program before starting installation.

    UNPLUG ALL GAMEPADS AND JOYSTICKS Do not reconnect while playing game.
    Info so far:

    Possible 98/ME fix

    This is a problem with the t3main.exe. The fix will only take away the Icon from the executable (Gameplay is not effected at all).

    Windows 98/ME can only use resource IDs that are 32556 or lower (few exceptions). This executable has a Group Icon ID of 46022. The Icon isn't needed. This is how to fix it (it works on patch 1.1 as well):

    1. make a copy of T3Main.exe.
    2. Get and install PE Explorer from the internet (Search on the internet for it).
    3. Open the T3Main.exe in PE Explorer.
    4. Go to Resources in the View menu.
    5. (You'll notice in the Group Icon folder a number 46022) you can't delete it from there. Delete the "Icon Entry" folder to do that.
    6. Save.

    This will remove the Icon from the file. You don't need an Icon to play the game.

    If the game CTDs while loading after the intro movies then use the install fix by copying the CDs to your hard drive and installing from there.

    This should get you into the game, after that you are on your own.

    Installation problems? Try this:
    Here is the solution for the installation problems (This most likely works on the Windows XP installation failures too).

    Go ahead and install from the cds or hard drive (I used the copy the cd to your hard drive technique on my test beds).

    Once you are done go to the game folder (whatever you named it or "Thief - Deadly Shadows" if you left it at the default installation)

    In that exists a file called "user.ini" when you open the file it should have nothing in it and a size of 0 kb.

    cut and paste this into it and save, then run the game and see what happens

    [Source Control]

    By the way be sure to use the patch 1.1 which is just a new t3main.exe and you can just remove the icon and it works too.

    This problem may not only be a windows 98/ME problem, but this fixes mine every time I load the game and it CTDs at the "Loading" screen.

    works. Good luck.

    Additional W98 info

    Okay new update: Those lines in the user.ini file all appear in the default.ini file located in the Thief - Deadly Shadows\System folder, except that the line "LoadFromResourceBlockFiles=True"
    (as shown by TBIRDMANN in his post) was by default set to False in the default.ini, so just change it to true like TBIRDMANN has shown. Now it won't crash after the intros anymore.

    Thanks for your help TBIRDMANN and I hope this works for other people as well.

    Can't change controls

    possible solution
    Unplug gamepads and Joysticks.

    There is no Mouse sensitivity setting in the Options menu. The only work around I can think of is to browse to the Thief – Deadly Shadows install folder (C:\program files\Thief – Deadly Shadows\System) and open up the DEFAULT.INI file. Press Ctrl + F and search for “sensitivity.” The following line will appear:


    The value can be changed to add or decrease sensitivity options as needed. I find 75 to be very good. On a side note, be sure to back up your DEFAULT.INI in case of any problems that arise from changes.

    Wrong disc or drive error

    Map change cancels Multi-Sampling
    from default.ini

    set to False
    Corrupt EXE file Error

    If you are running W98/me/2000 and installed T3 and get this error.
    "The C:\program files\thief-deadly shadows\system\T3.exe file appears to be corrupt.
    Reinstall the file, and try again"
    and then tried to install XP. And got the same error: Re-install after you install XP.

    Choppy Movies

    More Choppy Movie

    Search in the default.ini for: [PCStartup]


    Set to false to kill them all.

    List of movies for individual editing

    Before installing:
    Use DISK CLEANER to empty all TEMP and other unnecessary files.

    Kill VIRUS apps that are running.


    Use TASK MANAGER to stop all unnecessary background tasks.

    Possible install solution
    NOTE: This has been said to work with LAPTOPS also

    First, go into my computer, C drive, and then right click a empty spot and select new (making a new folder) name it what you want.. such as theif3.

    Then, insert disc 1 and cancel anything that pop's up, then go into My computer, and right click on the drive theif3 is in. Select open then drag a box around all the files in there and select "Copy" then go back to that new folder you made for theif3 open it up and right click and select "paste" wait a short time while those are being copied to that new folder.

    Then when that finishes, take out disc 1 and put in disc 2, then do the same thing here, right click on data3 or what ever that's there i forget then go back to youre theif 3 folder you made, right click a empty area, select paste, wait a bit, then when that's done, take out disc2 then put in disc 3, copy the data4 file, and paste it in that theif folder you made.

    After everything is copied to that folder... double click the theif3.exe and that will start the installation.. which should! finish this time. If a panel shows with "no disc inserted" put in disc1 and enjoy.

    Number 2 possible install fix
    Install asks for the "thief3_1" disc after switch to disc 2.
    When switching discs, use the "my computer" window to eject the disc (not the button on the cd drive), and then hold down the left shift key so it does not try to autorun as you put in the next disc.

    Resolution too high and freezes

    If your Resolution is set too high in the game, and you can't change it back because the game got EXTREMELY fuzzy then follow these directions:

    You can change it by first finding this folder, should be here - C:\Documents and Settings\PC\My Documents\Thief - Deadly Shadows\SaveGames\User Options -, open the options file (should be the only file you see) like the 12th line down will be "RESOLUTION=4" change it to "RESOLUTION=2" Save the file and start up your game. Should be all good.
    Running on Server 2003

    Right-click the Thief 3 shortcut on your desktop (or, alternately, the t3.exe file in the system folder), choose Properties. Click the Compatibility tab, then enable "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose Windows XP.

    Control Menu
    IN the menu interfaces, using the mouse on the little up and down arrows should not go to the end or the beginning of the scrolled content instantly, (the equivalent of CTRL-Home and CTRL-End). Rather this action should scroll up or down screen by screen.

    Workaround: Use mouse wheel on these screens, or grab the scroll indicator and drag it s l o w l y.

    More on Control screen

    If you start just below the up arrow and click the first slash mark it will page down once, then click the next one and it will page down again. You can page one page at a time through the whole options selection window. You can page backwards and forwards using those slash marks.


    The game acts like some button is always pressed!


    Go into Device Manager and look under Human Interface Devices for two or more entries named USB Interface Device. What you want to do is double-click on each USB Interface Device entry; then look on the Properties tab and make sure that it says USB Gaming Keyboard next to Location.

    After you’ve located the right entries, right-click on them (and only them) and select Disable from the pop-out menu, answering Yes to any prompts. One of the entries will not have Disable as an option when you right-click on it — that’s the one that obviously should be left as-is.

    Walk/Run mod
    annoyed at having to hold shift to walk, there are two current work arounds. The first is to edit the options.ini:

    In options.ini (located in the Thief sub folder within My Documents):

    1) Replace current key bindings with:
    W=MoveForwardBackward 0.500000 (this changes the Run movement forward rate to half)
    S=MoveForwardBackward -0.500000 (Same for going backward)
    2) Adjust the strafe rates if desired the same way

    Save options.ini

    Now open default.ini in the main Thief 3 folder
    Change WalkMultiplyer from 0.5 to 2.0.

    Now save default.ini- you should be good to go!

    OR: stay in a permanent crouch. This slows the speed down.

    Binding keys to walk forward / run forward / etc
    Contributed by NoCoolAlias

    Here's how to make "S" bind to "Walk forward" and "W" to "Run forward" (plus change "X" to "Walk backwards" and "F" to "Crouch") :

    Open "C:My Documents\Thief - Deadly Shadows\SaveGames\User Options\options.ini"

    The key is the "MoveForwardBackward" command.
    By default, the keys are set as follows:

    S=MoveForwardBackward -1.000000
    W=MoveForwardBackward 1.000000

    To match the original Thief bindings, do

    S=MoveForwardBackward 0.500000
    W=MoveForwardBackward 1.000000
    X=MoveForwardBackward -1.000000

    And since "X" was the default "Crouch" key, you'll probably need to change F to

    The animations do work correctly. However, the "Creep" and "Walk" keys ("Ctrl" and "Shift" by default) are a little odd: they do not multiply the speed by a fraction, they directly change it to a new one.
    So with the new bindings, "S" and "Shift+S" are exactly the same speed (1/2 speed), and "Ctrl+S" and "Ctrl+W" are both the same speed (1/3 speed).

    Frame Rate tweak
    Vsync should be turned off in this game. Doing so will give you a huge boost in frame rate.

    This is because frame rate in this game, with vsync on, is limited to a fraction of your refresh rate. If your monitor's refresh rate is set to 85hz, then your frame rate will either be 85, 42, 28, 21, etc. So if you would have gotten a frame rate of 60, it will only be 42. If you would have gotten 41, it will only be 28.

    Collection Of Tweaks/tips For Better Playability

    Stolen from KOMAGb


    * for perfect zoom vision

    * for finer (less crappy) zoom "noise": (must leave the above "true")
    NoiseMin_X=14.0 (or 21)
    NoiseMin_Y=14.0 (or 21)
    NoiseMax_X=28.0 (or 42)
    NoiseMax_Y=28.0 (or 42)

    *for shorting time you have to push on large objects to move them:


    In T3PlayerAnims.ini

    * for no more view bob:
    find "-- NORMAL GROUND MOVEMENT --" section
    change all [Forward1] through [Forward6]

    * for faster leaning:
    change all [LeanLeftStart] through [LeanRightEndCrouching]

    * for faster picking up/dumping bodies
    find "-- BODY CARRY --" section
    change in [BodyCarryBend] section
    Speed=1.5 (or 2.0)
    also, change in [BodyCarryRelease] section
    Speed=2.0 (or 2.5)

    Change font size
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    If you think the font size for your objectives and the "Tips" on the loading screens are grotesquely huge, you can change them. Open DEFAULT.INI and change this line under the [FontMappings] header:

    'Papyrus14__tp=Papyrus_21,0.81,0.80' to

    Changing 0.81 to 0.61 (or any other decimal value) will scale down the font size. This will affect load screen tips, your notes and objectives, the help screen you get from right-clicking on your equipment, and confirmation dialogue boxes ("Are you sure you want to quit?").

    Modifying Papyrus12 affects the size of dialogue subtitles and the size of the text that appears below your item or weapon icon when you select it:

    'Papyrus12__tp=Papyrus_21,0.61,0.80' to
    'Papyrus12__tp=Papyrus_21,0.50,0.80', for example.
    Disable loadscreen tips
    Contributed by Mentalepsy

    "Stealth tip: Your opponents will search for you if they get suspicious. Avoid them, and they might not catch you."

    The "Safe Way"
    If you want to turn off those oh-so-helpful "tips" that show up on the loading screens, go to Thief 3 -> CONTENT -> T3 -> Books -> English -> HelpText.sch. Open this file in Notepad, and simply change all the English strings from "Tip: don't let guards see you!" to "", an empty string (two consecutive quote marks). Voila, no more loadscreen tips.

    The "Easy Way"
    Just erase the entire file. Don't delete the file, but delete all the text inside it. I'm pretty sure this is safe, as I haven't encountered any problems, but make sure you have the original HelpText.sch file just in case. This is much, much faster than the "Safe Way."

    NOTE: Deleting the strings from HelpText.sch only disables the tips, such as "Put out torches with water arrows" or "Guards will hear you if you run across metal." The flavor text- quotes from Hammerite chants and so forth- is NOT affected by this tweak. They will still show up, but they will appear partway through the loading process, then disappear. See the "Loadscreen displays ONLY flavor text" tweak to fix this.

    Alternately, you can replace these tips with your own, or with flavor text from the first two games.

    Disable loadscreen FLAVOR text
    Contributed by Mentalepsy

    "There is nothing as promising as the opening of a book. There is nothing as final as its shutting. - Keeper Scribe Lessons, Part 4"

    If you want to remove the flavor text that appears on the load screens, repeat the above process with Thief 3 -> CONTENT -> T3 -> Books -> English -> String_Tags -> Quotes.sch. However, you'll have to replace each quote with a " " (a space) instead of an empty string, or you'll get a message about having no messages to display. NOTE: Removing these quotes may cause you to miss out on certain details of the story, so keep this in mind.

    Loadscreen displays ONLY flavor text
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    For those who like the flavor text, you can set it so that the load screen displays ONLY flavor text, displays only one per load screen, and displays it the entire time the load screen is up. This is a good option for people who want the flavor text, but not the tips.

    Go to DEFAULT.INI and scroll down to the very bottom where it says [HelpText]. Make the following changes:


    Now whenever the load screen appears, you'll just see one of the quotes from Quotes.sch. Note that unless you clear the HelpText.sch file as mentioned above, you'll still see a tip pop up at the very beginning of the load screen- when the screen has appeared, but the load bar hasn't yet started moving. If you don't like the help text, I recommend clearing HelpText.sch manually. Again, flavor text is contained in Quotes.sch, hints and tips are contained in HelpText.sch.
    Slight perfomance boost.
    CacheSizeMegs= X

    Change CacheSizeMegs= X TO 80% of your ram

    Mine is CacheSizeMegs= 350 (from 512 mb ram)

    Works on all UT engine based games.

    One person noticed a performance boost by just entering 16. The default is set to 1.

    Fix for the Save/Level Bug

    Definitive Temporary Solution For The "bug"!
    Crash on start of game with a QS

    If you start a game and try to load a QS and get a CTD or lockup, then restart the game, select a regular save. Start the mission, ESC to menu, select LOAD and then load your QS.

    This seems to bypass the bug that is causing an immediate crash on the start of play where you select a QS as your beginning point.

    Also PM me with any fix you discover so we can start a TROUBLE SHOOTING and FAQ thread.


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    Any solution or addition that is not in the header, can be added. No questions, or fancy comments.

    Just post the bug and the fix that worked. Keep It Simple Stupid.

    If you discover a bugfix and use it and are sure it works, then a note here would be appreciated.

    BUT. MAKE SURE IT WORKS. We don't want to add problems.

    Excess material will be edited, and eventually all will be included in a TROUBLESHOOTING thread.

    To keep the thread from growing expotentianally, as your tips are added to the header, your post may be edited or deleted.

    No disrespect intended.

    Thanks to all.

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    Don't run the game in the same resolution as your desktop. There's a specific point in the readme file about alt-tabbing to windows and it says it is because the game is running the same resolution as the desktop. I haven't ever realy needed to alt-tab but I do run it at a higher resolution. I keep my desktop at 10x7 and I run Thief at the next-to-maximum level.

    [edit] Heh, had to fix that last part there. Monitor dosen't go above next to max. Oh well. It was a cheap 17 in. LCD [end edit]

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    Bug: random crash to desktop/game freeze

    Solution: bloom: off "also" fast write in BIOS setup off is known to help

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