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Thread: Official European release date

Official European release date

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    Thumbs Up Offical European release date


    Now you may have already read a number of "unoffical" release date on this and other forums, but I am here to post the "official" date.

    Drum roll.........

    Thief: Deadly Shadows (AkA Thief 3) will be released in Europe on multiple languages (English, French, German and Italian) on June 11, 2004.

    The game will be in DVD-ROM format in Europe.

    Thanks for your patience.


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    I don't mind the delayed Euro-release, but do we have to go through that dvd-story again?

    Releasing a game on dvd-only is a bad marketing descision, imo, and shows little respect to all the thousands of potential customers who don't have a dvd-drive in their PC (like myself).

    I understand the game-industry is moving towards this dvd-future, but shouldn't they at least release their games on both this one and the old cdrom-format, to give their market time to switch over?
    They could speedup the process, by slowly raising the game's price for cdrom-version, compared to the dvd-price.
    After a while, this would force me to buy a dvd-drive, as dvd-games would have become the most attractive option.

    And so, as things look now, ThiefDS will be a pretty expensive game for me.
    Or maybe I should be a real thief?

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    I think most new coputers, that have the system requrements of Thief 3, have a DVD-rom anyway. It's been pretty much standard for a while, and I actually don't think they're gonna loose much sales over it.

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    There u go...I build my computers myself, I personally select and buy the parts.
    And didn't find a use for a dvd-rom yet.
    I do have a stand-alone dvd-player, though.

    What I really would like to buy, is a dvd-rw, but my funds aren't at a comfortable level right now.
    Untill that, I feel buying a dvd-rom is a waste of rescources, and I hate that.

    FarCry had the same issue, for the US-release, I belief.
    Especially with the huge audience this game has, you can notice how many people still don't have dvd on their system.
    Usually in situations like this, players who admit that they don't own this drive, become the subject of arrogance on forums... "forget about them....their machines are junk anyway".
    My PC, junk?
    If I can play FarCry on very high settings, I wouldn't consider this being so.

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    SHot YourSelves In The Foot AGAIN

    sigh, that means millions of people will now be downloading the game on the internet when they would have rushed out and bought it if the release date had been worldwide.

    When WILL publishers learn that they need parity in their release dates?

    Each time they (publishers) release games with different release dates more great developers hit the dust, what makes me laugh is how they turn to each other and say "I don't understand it, its a brilliant game, why on earth didn't it sell?"

    The good news is that more and more publishers are introducing worldwide release dates, what suprises me is that EIDOS isn't one of them.


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    Why does Eidos not plan on making a full German version for Thief3, like they did for Thief1 and 2?

    Why only German subtitles?

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    Originally posted by Paajtor

    And so, as things look now, ThiefDS will be a pretty expensive game for me.
    Or maybe I should be a real thief?
    You can buy the game for about 27 euros from! I think they have free shipping to almost all european countries.

    Plain DVD-ROM drives cost less than 25 euros new.

    A good DVD-ROM CDRW combo drive can be had for less than 50 euros new.

    It's not expensive after all, is it?

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    Originally posted by spritex
    Plain DVD-ROM drives cost less than 25 euros new.

    A good DVD-ROM CDRW combo drive can be had for less than 50 euros new.
    Eather you live in a very cheap country, or have you divided those prices by at least two.
    Last time I've checked those prices were at least twice (but more likr tripple) times higher...

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    I live in Finland, and I just checked those prices from a local computer store netsite.

    This is actually a pretty expensive country, don't know if computer parts are cheaper than usual, though.

    Some examples:
    X-box games are about 50 euros, my rent is 300 euros per month in Helsinki, for 15 m2. Beer is around 4 euros for 0,5 litres in bars.

    Also checked a random german netstore that ships all over Europe. DVD-ROM drive was 28 euros.

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    I think that producing games on DVDs are better than CD's, at least from an environmental perspective, is much better.
    If this generation leaves any sort of legacy to future archeaologists, then it will be the millions of CDs that they will dig up from old landfill sites around the world. As computer users we're already responsible for a hell of a lot of pollution, both in production and running, we should try and buy this on one DVD rather than six flipping CD's.
    Please keep the planet safe for future taffers.

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    Please don't misunderstand me...I'm looking forward to the "dvd-games century".
    But I want it to be my own choice, when to enter it.

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    The german syncronization of T1 + T2 are some of the best if not the best syncronizations ever done in game market...

    With the german Wesley Snipe voice as Garret, it was an immersive atmosphere push...

    Doing only subtitles is inacceptable for me and the most german Thief Fans...

    IMO doing no syncro will turn the sales in germany noticeably down...

    Eidos is saving money at wrong ends....

    Eidos think about it...

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    Hi why cant you germans just learn english, you can write i english so you should also be able to understand it, I live in Denmark should I demand a danish version or should gerrmans maybe just start using english like evey one else...

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    Hi, im english and obviously speak english.
    But why the hell should every country learn english!!!!!!!!!!!
    There should be german, danish and other nation versions ofthe games.
    Why does the whole world need to speak english.

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    Because translating everything to your local language isolates you and limits you to only converse with people who speaks that particular language and English is the most widespread language next to chineese - for obvious reasons! And I for one like the idea of being able to speak several languages and that only happens if you listen to them and use them. The fact that europeans can't even communicate with each other because some citizens can't be bothered to learn more than one language is to be completely straightforward and honest embarrasing to the point of feeling contempt for the poor beings (ok I'm piling it on here!).

    Furthermore I would imagine that Garret would sound pretty stupid speaking Danish... eeew! and I'm Danish myself!

    And stop whining about DVD players! They're piss cheap and the way the wind is blowing your next game and the game after that will propably come out on DVD! Jeez how greedy can you get!

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    Thanks, RedLegg!

    I'm gonna go poke those Norwegian online gaming shops now.

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    Originally posted by Uvorn Knejt
    Jeez how greedy can you get!
    That's exactly the kind of arrogance I was talking about.
    As I said, my funds are currently very limited, and I also must think of my wife and kid.
    It has nothing to do with greed, just with responsibility.
    And what I also mentioned: I don't want to buy just a dvd-player...if any, I want a dvd-rw, and a good quality device costs around €80 overhere.
    I consider a dvd-player a waste of rescources, just like Pyrator said.

    But I will shut up now...indeed, enough nagging about dvd-players.
    I'll find a way anyhow.

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    HHHmmmm....i suppose garett might sound strange speaking
    I can knock people bandy with french.

    but mons dieu....mons dieu

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    My Post is nothing about whining, flamewar with the community or anything else like this sh..

    Nothing i want to discuss.... as you know forums are a bad place to discuss....

    It´s a straight tip for Eidos in their home forum....

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    Originally posted by Paajtor
    Please don't misunderstand me...I'm looking forward to the "dvd-games century".
    But I want it to be my own choice, when to enter it.

    Decisions are driven by the need for things, as far as I can see publishers releasing games on DVD is bringing the "DVD-games century" to fruition, if you choose not to opt in then that is still your choice to make.
    Markets are driven by consumer demand and it shows that enough people are in the right position for publishers to release in this format.
    If a game is high enough on your want list then you will find the means to play it even if it means saving a few pennies to buy the hardware to play it. This also shows in the need for many new release games to demand directx9 "making" many people have to upgrade video cards to play them and in my eyes it is a sight more expensive to go get a new all singing all dancing video card than it is to get a dvd drive.

    God said let there be light..........................

    And there was...........................

    So much it damn near blinded everyone!!

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    I'll sit here for another 2 weeks and twiddle my thumbs then

    I hate these delays, Why?
    Does it need the US to beta test for us? I suppose the UK version gets shipped by rowing boat?

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    I know mate....just another american fat cat company.
    They want us to order it from over america thats why its delayed.
    I almost considered rather wait, pay an extra 20% so the money goes to our government.

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    Originally posted by Paajtor

    I'll find a way anyhow.
    A friend from NY will send me a US-version (cdroms)...I'll have it well before the Euro-release, with some luck.

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    The german versions of the first thief parts were the best worldwide. For us germans your us and english versions are inapprehensible muttering . It is not arrogant, it is true that the german speakers play in a much higher class than the others. Do you ever played a german version? Do it end ENJOY although you won´t understand it. The us and english versions were spoken by aficionados from Looking Glass. German speakers are pros. Sorry to say this but it´s true. I hope you understand our worries.

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    The intend is not to flame you , but I just dont see the point of it?

    You want to import the game from the states and pay for the shipping, when a completely spanking new DVD-drive costs less than what the game is worth? I mean 25 euro's! I'm on student welfare and I wouldn't bother with it.

    If you buy a DVD writer you'll have to spend bundles on those DVD disks and they aren't cheap! So if you budget is that limited then it just doesn't make any sense?

    But it is your choise I guess... well I wouldn't have to guess, it IS you choise!

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