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Thread: its out

its out

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    its out

    Gamestop in my area has Thief 3 in stock on the shelf.
    Verified by friend.
    Stopping by to pick one up on the way home.

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    Go to hell.

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    I don't think so.

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    Where is your area?

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    Woah good news its released earlier then antisepated in some areas it seems Maybe I should make a little stop tomorrow and see if they got it in stock where I am. BTW please make some screenshots when you can and post them in a thread as im sure alot are eager for some more detailed screenies

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    Prove it

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    gee, i dunno 'bout that.

    i talked to the manager of my gamestop (NYC, 33rd Street and Broadway), and he said that the game was being shipped to all (as in all over the US) their outlets tomorrow (tuesday, 5.25) for delivery at said outlets on wednesday, 5.26.

    no set arrival time but most likely before 1 pm.

    he's always been very accurate with every other anticipated game release, so i tend to go with what he says.

    oh yeah... anyone who gets it... please, post LOCATIONS!

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    I cant say for sure, as I do not have it in my hands, but I was told that it is on the shelf. I will stop on the way home.

    I live in Texas, and the Gamestop here always puts the games out on the shelf WHEN they arrive, regardless of "street" date.

    I have purchased 4 or more titles a day or two early there.

    The last 2 I bought early were tron 2 and Jedi Academy.

    My guess is that this is a real deal, and if so I will happily plunk my 40$ on the counter and buy it.

    Not sure why everyone is doubtful about early release, happens here all the time.... I figured it was the same everywhere else.

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    Why dont you just post the store location (town) then it would be really easy for anyone to call that store and confirm it. If you cant do that then it is just BS.

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    My guess, I talked to my local EB, the guy said, they have the promotion box on the shelf, but, they don't have the game yet. *False sense of security*

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    Originally posted by BrokenArts
    My guess, I talked to my local EB, the guy said, they have the promotion box on the shelf, but, they don't have the game yet. *False sense of security*
    I saw the "promo" box on Saturday at GameStop. I thought that it was odd how the artwork differed from the "final" box I signed off on a couple of weeks ago.

    Anyway it should be in most North America by Wed.


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    Yeah, my local EB has a shelf full of Doom 3. If you look closely, there is a sticker on each one that says "Promotion only. Does not contain actual game" or something to that effect.

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    Picture or it is false.

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    Since he has yet to reply to where this store is located I tend to think it is BS.

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    It IS out! Ethan has it!
    Foto Footage

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    Originally posted by sesobebo
    It IS out! Ethan has it!
    Foto Footage
    No, he made a comic about it but he doesn't have it. The enws post from that day:

    "Mmm, only a couple of more days until Thief 3. Or maybe only one, depending on which source you believe. Either way, I know that my work ethic will suffer a momentary bout of lethargy. What about yours?"

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    Well I've still got a month to wait, its not out in england until 25th of June 2004.

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    sorry belboz.

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    I'm sure it was just a promo big deal'll be out in roughly 48 hours anyways. I fell for that once with GTA San a little closer to see the "promo" sticker or what have ya. This is just in time too...I had to send the motherboard back on the new comp I was wanting to build last week. The replacement should be here tomorrow. This comp sure as hell can't play it.

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    Actually, I've received a game or two before the street date from a major retailer. In particular, EB Games@Perimeter Mall, and Target Stores, both in Atlanta, GA. I did check around today, and it wasn't on the shelves. However, North Point Mall Circuit City said that they had it, but it wasn't in stock. I figure it had been added into their system, but not shipped to the store yet. They were the only store that I contacted that said anything other than "It comes out tomorrow/Wenesday."

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    Seriously, the best you can usually hope for is if you have pre-ordered a game from EB or Gamestop you may sometimes be able to pick it up on the Shipping day (the 25th).

    MY local EB has a guy who sometimes "drives out to get" a game early, particularly if it has a lot of pre-orders. It looks like T: DS didn't make the cut however, as I called yesterday and the guy said they will have it Wed. when they open.

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    Jacksonville, FL

    Even the EB (which almost always has the games the earliest) in this area will have them on Wed.

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    since the ebgames website says its shipping today (5/25), does that mean it will be shipping to customers today or shipping to ebgames distribution centers today?

    (not really expecting an answer just sorta chomping at the bit in public.)

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    Well so long as we got some time to kill, I think I'll have a beer, suggest you thief-amateurs follow suit. "Amateur" btw comes from the Latin for "love." Anyone who loves to do something is an amateur at it.

    You wanna hear sumpin funnay? Or disturbing...

    In Thief 2, I like to alert every guard I can find on a level, especially the City Watch, they have the most hilarious lines and voices. The ambush level has a plethora. I can get about twenty to chase me all at once, and I'll find a large open area, let em surround me and beat me to death. Normal level gives ya the longest beatin. I like to imagine they're all smashing at my testicles. Specially the females.

    Only one day left: might as well try it, if ya can.
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