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Thread: FFXIV: Password Problems

FFXIV: Password Problems

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    Did you select:
    [Contact Category] Account/Billing
    [Contact Sub-category] Additional Services

    [Contact Details] Account Locked


    If you still have issues, try a different browser.

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    Thank you very much, I have contacted support.

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    Hi guys,

    I dont remember my password. I can log with facebook connect but in order to activate my ffxiv beta I have to login with my id/password. When I try to reset it, a message appears "Birthday is not valid", but that is false, my birthday is properly filled (I checked it in my profile).

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    Yeah I Think Everyones Having Problems On That Part Too. On My Case, My Birthday Is Valid But My Security Question/Answer Is Always Wrong. Now I Got A Ticket Number For This Problem. Hopefully Ill Get A Response Before The Beta Ends Lol

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    Contact [FFXIV Customer Support]

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    I have been trying to login to Square Enix account management and am being told repeatedly that my password/id is incorrect.
    Well, I know for a fact that it's not as I was logged in earlier today with no problems, and I double checked that my spelling was correct and caps was not accidentally left on.
    I even followed the link to change my account password, which was successful, until I tried logging in with the new password.
    Still incorrect.
    Anyone else having account login problems?
    Perhaps it has something to do with high volumes of people logging in for beta?

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    I have been having the same problem, I changed my password a few times and it still wouldn't let me sign in.

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    yup same here couple friends having the same issue

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    I actually went so far as creating a new account just now and everything went through just fine.
    Went back to the top page to log in with said account..... incorrect password.
    I bet log ins are just broken right now.
    What a shame. All of my friends are having a blast in beta. I was really hoping to join them. :/

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    Yup I just did the same thing and same results from that.

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    Just got the email in a fit of excitement I blasted through everything and was halted at this and was all sad after trying like 26 times... and yes think I changed my pw about 4-5 times till I ran out of ideas for passwords lol.

    Good to know its an external problem and not internal (my fault).


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    LOL and then I get this in my email:

    Dear Valued Square Enix Customer,

    Thank you for using the Square Enix Account Management System.

    Based upon recent suspicious activity, we have identified that your account may potentially be at risk. For your protection, we have temporarily suspended login access to this account.

    The supposed suspicious activity was me trying over and over to log in! </pre>


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    I have two passwords...?

    So after jumping through two hundred of these hoops required to get into the FFXIV: A Realm Reborn beta test, I seem to have two passwords that work for logging into this stupid Square-Enix garbage site.

    I'm just curious if this happened to anyone else and what implications will this have on me. I literally have two different passwords that both work and are connected to the same account/email.

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    Oh man oh man, now I click on the change password link and it brings me to my profile to update my information. I can't even change my password on this site? Hahahaha, hillarious man.

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    Security question/answer reset

    I was in beta 3, so I was excited to here I could play today through the weekend. But I forgot my password. Which led to me trying to reset it. And to reset it, I need my security question/answer, which I also forgot. And support is closed on weekends. So please, if there's anyone on here who can reset my SqaureEnix SQ questions and answers, please help. If I need to post this on the actual forum, please inform me. Thanks for the help.

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    Never mind, problem solved.

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    FFXIV: Password Problems

    Hey guys,
    Got the preorder key today and started to install the game first at work ( yeah, i can play a bit there ) then got home and had to reset password for new IP in order to install the game... more problematic, at home i have two networks as none are very reliable so, yeah, two IP's... and let me guess, if i relog from work another change?
    At least in other games they allowed you to set trusted IP's so you can play from diferent locations / computers... any clue how you can do that here?

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    Yeah - it's a bit overkill in the overprotective SE "security" system. You can get the security token or the free smartphone app once you'll register the actual game to avoid this or "teach" SE all your common IPs and devices and it will not lock your account anymore once you've traversed them all ... had the same issue when joined the phase 3 beta but it all settled down now ... Next time you'll login from the same IP or device it will not bother you anymore unless indeed your ISP provides you with dynamic IP rather than fixed.

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    ID or password is incorrect

    Hey all,

    I just bought my pc download from amazon and got the launcher and the codes ready but when I go to log into the launcher 1 of two things happens. Either it just says my ID or password is incorrect or it gives me this error code -2146697211 and just exits the launcher. I have changed my password twice now and copied my ID right from the square enix website so i'm not sure what to do. Any help?

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    Password Incorrect

    I've been trying for over an hour to log in to the game - I have my nickname, email address, Id, password - I have tried all variants of inputting these and I keep getting a message - PASSWORD INCORRECT - it's driving me nuts!!! any suggestions anyone?

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    I'm having the same problem. I tried logging in on the PlayStation network, and I tried logging in on the computer site. At both sites I get the same negative response. What's worse is that I have to log in here with my email, and at PSN there isn't even enough room to fit my email on the ID line. It could be that the server is just temporarily overwhelmed. I just bought the expensive version of FF14 on PSN. I'm quite sure that they gave a date of Aug. 24, 5:00 AM as when the game could be accessed. Could just be a slight delay. Things do come up I suppose. But I certainly share your frustration.

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    The SE ID and the login ID for FFXIV are different. Go through the process for the "forgot your login ID" and it will send you the information to your email account. After you figure out what the ID is you can do the "retrieve password" process.

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    Mobile Token OTP not Receive

    Please help as i just register my account but i did not receive and OTP. Most of all i do not have a Security Token so i thought i would register thru Software Token but there no OTP and it can't be selected.

    Please assist, do i really required to have any Token??

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    no, just ignore the unique password

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