Thread: A Great Experience

A Great Experience

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    Aug 2013

    After a few weeks of getting over the initial shock, I am really starting to enjoy the new site. The Forums are well constructed and clean. The personalized profile picture is a nice touch. Lastly, I know this is just the basics of the site. It's been said that new features will be arriving to make this experience even better.
    Not all feedback is supposed to be negative so I thought I should post something positive for the Square Enix team. Thanks for all you do here and I"m excited to see where it goes from here.
    “Turn to the light. Don't fear the shadow it creates.”

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    I appreciate this too

    Thank you Square Enix ♥

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    Yes, positive things! I know that it's still a work in progress but I'm sure a lot of us have faith that his place will be more functional in the future. Thank you staff, mods and Mythrils!

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    as far as forums go its quite a good experience, as long as people stay on topic.....

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    I'm glad you guys are enjoying the forums and the site! I hope we can make the new experience such that this really feels like your home for Square Enix discussion/content.

    Continue passing great feedback on this forum so we can improve the entire site!