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    This one got me worried
    The AI in some spots were a bit questionable... ...I entered through the front door of a mansion to find a guard, on watch in the foyer, no more than 10 paces from me. However, the light was low so he did not see me. I would have expected some reaction from him with the door opening but he remained staring at the wall straight across from him. I pulled out my black jack, approaching him from his left side and knocked him out... ...After he went down, I dumped him in a darkened corner and made my way into the hall beyond the foyer. The hall was well lit and there was a single guard patrolling its length... ...He raised his hand in greeting to the guard who was supposed to be in the foyer (the one who was now unconscious thanks to me). But instead of noticing that his fellow guard was not at post, he kept walking on down the hall!
    One other thing that bugs me is that in the other games, when using the black jack I could 'load' my attack. Meaning I could hold the mouse button and keep my arm cocked above my head until I got close enough to whack my victim by letting the mouse button go. In this new version, when you click the mouse button, Garrett's arm cycles the attack. You cannot hold his attack until you are ready to let it go. I got caught figuring this out the first time.

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    Man if this is true this is VERY sad.... That is some VERY dumb AI... I will for sure wait now until I read 3 or 4 reviews before I buy this game..... I hope they were playing an old Beta or something....

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    Oh man I just heard a review that the movie Van Helsing sucks and now it looks like Thief III is going to suck to......

    Bad day for me... 2 things I was looking forward to suck!!!!!!

    Oh well... Back to Thief II.....

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    I read two reviews that said Van Helsing rocked

    Just by the way - in case someone was wondering, I used my nick before I even heard of the movie. It's a reference to Abraham van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula and the Hellsing anime.

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    I wouldn't be too alarmed about that stuff. AI in Thief Gold and 2 had the same problem. I was playing through (still am) the Guild level of Gold and I opened a door right in front of a guard and they didn't notice. And a patch could easily fix that problem with the guard greeting the other guard that wasn't present.

    I will be thrown off about the not being able to hold the blackjack above your head. That was a cool feature sneaking behind the guards or pedestrians with your blackjack raised. Reminded me of an old-fashioned horror movie when the camera only shows the raised hand with a knife in it of the killer slowly approaching the victim.

    I almost get the impression here that people are ignoring all the positive previews so far but when the one preview that mentions something negative they find that as a reason to not buy it.

    If we all went through Thief 1 & 2 with the AI as it was this should not be a problem, it'll be improved, not perfect.

    Hell maybe I'm just trying to justify my purchase which could be true, but I want to buy this game no matter what. Thief owns.

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    While true, unaware guards != good gameplay.

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    Having spent thousands of hours playing T1, T2, and FMs, I don't like it when AI are alerted by the opening of doors. That seldom happens in T1 and T2, but when it does then, to me, it is just an annoying way to bust a ghost attempt. It is a time waster because it forces you to go hide and wait until they settle down. Same thing applies to AI who go on alert when one particular chest or door lock gets picked but stay asleep when all other locks are picked. The developers didn't ask me, but maybe they were thinking along similar lines. That is, good game play is more important than realism, as Salvage said. I second that.

    I don't have any problems with the situations mentioned. It is amusing that the guard would wave to a non-existent comrade, though. That is probably because the waving is a script. You can't program scripts to handle all situations. You would need a higher level of simulated intelligence to do that. I would guess that is just an individual mission design problem, not a problem with the game as a whole. Even T1 and T2 had ways to force guards to notice certain things. In this case evidently the designer just forgot to allow for it.