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Thread: Soul Reaver Sword Replica

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    Soul Reaver Sword Replica

    I'm trying to get people to support the idea of having a Soul Reaver sword replica.I've started at United Cutlery Forums,a place to discuss merchandise of this wonderful knife company,to see If they take notice and talk to Eidos about the rights to make it.

    I would greatly appreciate the support of the Legacy of Kain Fans at Eidos Forum.To view the Soul Reaver thread simply go to:
    Soul Reaver

    Please, show your support.

    To register in the forums,simply go here:Register

    Also,I was wondering if an Eidos representetive would tell me that if United Cutlery came asking for the right, if Eidos would give it to them

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    I like the idea, but don't get your hopes up too high. The Reaver's a BIG sword, bigger than any of United Cutlery's Lord of the Rings swords, and it has that hard to grind kris blade. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask. I think I'll give UC's site a little visit.

    p.s. I'm thinking of making a mini Reaver out of cast metal... if I can find the right type of wax.

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