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Thread: Patch released

Patch released

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    boomshanka Guest
    Hi all
    Has anyone tried to walk down a ladder and fell down instead? Have you noticed how it messes up your controls, so at the bottom when you try to look in another direction and move forward, you actually move in a completely diffrent direction?

    Just curious about it being a bug or just me...

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    Oct 2004
    hmmm, Suddenly we see similar problems that occur in thief 3 ..

    how do you actually email eidos ? they must have lost about 500'000 fans during this nonsense

    I am (was ...and might still be) a MAJOR level hitman fan

    EIDOS ! - if you are crouching - and you look at your map - and try to escape the map whilst holding the crouch key - it crashes your computer

    there are full shadow masks all over the place - especially in the watchtower if your looking at sniping towards the submarine ..
    oooeerr graphics people ..

    mouse lag - and no I wont be buying supercomputer stuff - make these games for me ! and people like me - with ordinary p4 3gig - 512 ram - XFX NVidia Geforce FX 5900XT 128MB DDR 8x/4x AGP - aaaaarrrrggg !

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    Test Test Test Test

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    Russian patch?

    Hi all!
    I didn't find patch for Russian ver. game here.
    Can somebody tell me, it exists?

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    I'm getting a crash every time I finish "The Bjarkhov Bomb". The sub sinks, I make it back to the plane, and as soon as I hit the ladder for the exit point, the screen fades to black like normal, but instead of seeing a cut scene or anything, the game crashes, and Windows asks if I want to send an error report or not. The error.log shows the same message every time it crashes ("Continuable Exception" / "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"), and its the same message that appeared in another older forum topic, posted just before this patch came out. I am running the 174 patch, so I'm not sure what's going on. Are there any other fixes available, or anyone else experiencing this? I've disabled EAX and reduced sound acceleration in dxdiag. I've saved the game at the point where I 'm in the plane and all I need to do is approach the ladder, so I can do additional testing if you'd like. I don't see a way to attach files, but if you need my error.log file, I can email it.

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    Is anyone else having trouble with downloading this patch? It doesn't even open the link for me.

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